Modern Pergolas: 10 Stunning Shade Solutions for Your Backyard

Modern and minimalist pergolas are becoming an increasingly popular design style for residential outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional ornamental designs, they tend to incorporate simple, straight lines, offering a minimalist aesthetic. These structures can significantly enhance the usability and comfort of your outdoor living area when paired with a reliable retractable shade solution. This blog post showcases ten residential projects featuring ShadeFX’s modern custom structures paired with our retractable canopies that will inspire you to upgrade your outdoor space.

1. Retractable Shade Structure, Pittsburgh

Townhouse owners in Pittsburgh opted for a modern and functional solution to shade their rooftop terrace with ShadeFX. Two 14′ x 14′ retractable canopies were custom-built in jet black, and finished with bold, fire-retardant Velvet Red fabric. This sleek, motorized system not only protects from sun and rain but also enhances the aesthetic of their terrace, making it enjoyable in any weather. See full gallery

2. Retractable Shade Structure, Chaplin Estates

In the upscale Chaplin Estates of Toronto, homeowners upgraded their backyard with a modern solution from ShadeFX. Replacing an old awning, they installed a 14′ x 16′ black aluminum structure with a motorized retractable shade in water-resistant Harbor-Time Driftwood. The result is a transformed patio offering stylish sun and rain protection, seamlessly blending with their outdoor furniture. See full gallery

3. Retractable Shade Structure, East York

shade structureShadeFX worked closely with the design firm, Julie Powers Design, to create a custom weather solution for homeowners in Toronto. An 18′ x 18′ retractable shade structure was attached to the house, featuring increased post height and reduced canopy drop for unobstructed views. The sleek black structure and neutral Antique canopy fabric blend seamlessly with the home’s contemporary style, offering full protection from the elements with easy operation. See full gallery

4. Retractable Shade Structure, Vaughan

retractable shade structureWorking with Betz Pools, homeowners transformed their compact backyard into a lavish retreat featuring a concrete pool, spa, and a cozy outdoor living area. Key to this transformation was a 14’ x 12’ retractable shade structure from ShadeFX, elegantly painted black with a matching Sunbrella Crest Ash fabric. The addition of matching curtains on two sides of the structure softens the frame and provides privacy, making this modern solution an integral part of their luxurious outdoor sanctuary. See full gallery

5. Retractable Canopy, Cincinnati

In Cincinnati, Ohio, a three-story red brick home has enhanced its roof deck terrace with ShadeFX’s Custom Aluminum Structure Kit, reflecting the growing trend of creating practical and cozy outdoor spaces. The 10’ x 16’ commercial grade aluminum structure, painted Jet Black and fitted with a manual retractable canopy in water-repellent HarborTime Alpine White fabric, complements the modern aesthetics of the home. Accentuated by string lights and outdoor furniture, this rooftop haven offers both sun protection and an enchanting nighttime ambiance. See full gallery

6. Attached Structure, Birmingham, MI

ShadeFX provided a custom aluminum structure with a retractable shade for a Birmingham home, integrating it perfectly into the modern design of the property. The homeowners required maximum coverage for their distinctive concrete patio, and with the expert help of ShadeFX’s Service team, a 16’x14’ black structure was installed, featuring additional wings and Silica Gravel Sunbrella fabric. The result is a transformed outdoor space that blends industrial elements with the architecture of the residence.

7. Shade Structure, Thornhill

shade structureThis expansive patio featuring multiple lounging areas, a pool, and alfresco dining is crowned with a custom 18’ x 12’ shade structure by ShadeFX. Painted in Umbra Grey to complement an existing solarium, the retractable Sunbrella Heather Beige fabric offers water resistance and flexibility with its ‘double manual’ operation. With an offset post ensuring coverage over the built-in barbecue, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor sanctuary in any weather. See full gallery

8. Retractable Shade Structure, Knoxville

Nestled in Tennessee’s ‘Marble City’, a Knoxville home now features a custom 12’x18′ deck shade structure by ShadeFX. Designed to maintain an unobstructed river view, the structure boasts four 12ft high posts, powder-coated grey to match the Sunbrella Crest Ash canopy fabric. A sun-blocking Phantom Screen preserves the stunning view while providing additional comfort. This adaptable, weather-resistant solution enhances the deck’s usability, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space in any condition. See full gallery

9. Retractable Shade Structure, Cambridge

In Cambridge, Ontario, homeowners transformed their backyard with the help of Gelderman Landscape Services and ShadeFX. A large custom pool was installed and complemented by a 12 ’x 14’ aluminum retractable shade structure, powder-coated white to match the off-white fence and fitted with a Concrete-colored Ferrari fabric, offering both waterproof and fire-retardant properties. Enhanced with a cozy sectional and vibrant accessories, this revamped outdoor area provides a stylish, UV-protected retreat for family relaxation by the pool. See full gallery

10. Retractable Shade Structure, San Mateo

retractable shade structureCalifornia homeowners transformed their large deck into an indoor/outdoor space with the help of ShadeFX’s custom solutions. Rejecting a traditional wooden pergola, they opted for a sleek aluminum structure with a retractable shade, powder-coated in dark Umbra Grey and fitted with a neutral Ferrari Sandy Beige canopy fabric. The 18’ x 16’ structure covers the entire deck, enabling a seamless transition from the kitchen to the outdoor dining area, sheltered from rain and falling leaves. The addition of patio heaters ensures comfort even on colder days and nights. See full gallery

By incorporating our modern outdoor structures and retractable shade systems into their outdoor living spaces, these homeowners have created eye-catching backyards that are both stylish and functional. For more inspiration, explore our portfolio of residential projects featuring all our products. When you’re ready, contact us to learn how we can help you upgrade your backyard with a modern retractable shade structure from ShadeFX!