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General Questions

Maximum length and width of a single unit vary by product type. For motorized canopies, maximum length and width is 24X18 for a single unit. Need to cover more space? Multiple units can be deployed on the same structure to cover expansive spaces.

ShadeFX offers a range of fabric lines from various industry leaders. Sunbrella pride themselves on having a wide range of complementary upholstery and shade fabric combinations.

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ShadeFX™ is covered by 3 individual warranties:

  1. ShadeFX Warranty: 12 years
  2. Fabric Warranty by Sunbrella: 10 years (other fabric selections may have different warranty coverage)
  3. Motor Warranty by Somfy: 5 years

Read more about ShadeFX warranties.

There are many differences when comparing ShadeFX to rollout awnings.

The fundamental difference is ShadeFX’s patented single track, and the method of attaching/mounting such technology. ShadeFX is mounted horizontally across a structure or frame, whereas rollout awnings are mounted to a vertical wall.

Having the ability to mount the system horizontal allows for variations of deployment and proper tensioning of fabric, providing many benefits including, but not limited to, expansive shade coverage, rain protection & water run off management.

Rollout awnings are limited in regards distance they can span from a wall, typically 12-14’. A single ShadeFX unit can span 24’ in length, and can be combined with additional units to cover an unlimited amount of area.

Through years of testing and experience ShadeFX has limited excessive the drag, resistance, and friction on extension, and retraction. Proper installation will allow for ease of operation, regardless of drive type.

The base product offering is specified with water resistance fabric. Water resistant fabrics shed the majority of water off the sides of unit during rainfall, however during periods of heavier rain, water may “wick” through the fabric creating dripping points. Waterproof fabric can be substituted to guarantee a wick free environment.

ShadeFX’s patented single track innovation, and deployment places emphasis on system tensioning. When tensioned properly the system will remain taught throughout, on extension. Tensioning allows the system with stand heavy wind loads.

The system has passed an 80mph (129kph) wind environment test. However, excessive exposure to high winds will wear the system over time. To ensure longevity, it is recommended that the system be retracted when winds are constantly above 35mph (56kph).

ShadeFX systems are not engineered to bear a snow load. In colder climate it is recommend that the system fabric be removed, and stored over the winter.

DO NOT OPERATE IN SYSTEM IN FREEZING TEMPERATURES. It can result in damage to the systems components.

Permits are the domain of your local city or county law.

Fauna and flora can stain lighter fabrics if left unattended. Best practice to periodically inspect the top of the system for fallen leaves, branches, debris, etc.

ShadeFX is backed by a 12-year limited warranty on all innovative shade products. Proper care and maintenance will extend the longevity of the system.

Certain fabrics may require a cleaning, and treatment to maintain an even colour, and fabric attributes.

Lead time varies by product.

  • Retractable Canopy: Three to Four Weeks
  • Retractable Roof: Four to Five Weeks
  • ShadeFX Outdoors Structure: Eight to Twelve Weeks

ShadeFX systems are designed to be maintenance free. Periodic inspection, to remove dirt, dust and debris from the system will help maintain consistent fabric colour, and lengthen the life of the system.