Canoe Place Inn and Cottages is a historic gem in the heart of Hampton Bays, New York. A treasured destination that blends timeless elegance with modern luxury.

Established in the late 1600s, this iconic destination has been recently renovated, offering guests a unique combination of heritage and contemporary comfort. The beautiful landmark boasts tastefully designed accommodations, including charming cottages featuring vintage clawfoot bathtubs and scalloped tiles. The Inn is a retreat for relaxation and a vibrant hub for events and dining, drawing both locals and visitors to its picturesque settings for hundreds of years.

Good Ground Tavern is the welcoming onsite restaurant, boasting a menu carefully crafted to reflect the region’s seasonal abundance in local seafood and vegetables. Diners have three unique dining areas to choose from with the patio terrace serving as a tranquil setting for culinary exploration amid lush green gardens. Designed as a ‘garden by the sea’, every seat on the terrace has an ideal backdrop, making it a perfect spot for every meal from casual lunches to elegant dinners.

To ensure diners have a comfortable experience in any weather, the terrace invested in 21 retractable units. Thirteen white retractable roofs provide reliable weather protection, shielding diners from the elements. Meanwhile, eight green and white striped retractable canopies play an aesthetic role, featuring 5” swags.  The flowy curves create a unique and elegant look, adding a sense of movement and sophistication to the diners below.

By incorporating the canopies, Canoe Place Inn and Cottages amplifies the comfort of its guests and extends the usability of its outdoor dining area, making it a versatile venue for all seasons.

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