The Daily Catch Waterfront, a beloved seafood institution in Boston, has earned its reputation for serving up authentic Sicilian-style dishes made with the freshest local ingredients. Situated along the picturesque Boston Harbor, the restaurant treats diners to breathtaking waterfront views, making every meal a memorable experience.

Locals and tourists flock to The Daily Catch Waterfront to indulge in its signature black pasta, tender calamari and hearty portion sizes. The establishment’s commitment to quality and authentic flavors has fostered a loyal customer base and solidified its standing as a Boston culinary gem.

As one of the largest patios in Boston’s north end just steps from the harbourfront, the restaurant decided to upgrade their patio space.  By installing a custom steel structure from Freddura Systems, complete with five 16’ x 16’ retractable roofs, the outdoor area gained 1,200 sq. ft. of weather-protected space.

Working with ShadeFX was a phenomenal experience. The staff are very well trained and were attentive during every step of the project, providing thorough guidance and innovative solutions to adapting the technology to our unique circumstances, resulting in the perfect system that met all of our design requirements.

– Sage F, Freddura Systems

This modern addition allows the restaurant to provide a comfortable and versatile outdoor seating area, regardless of the weather conditions. The retractable roofs offer protection from the sun’s harsh rays during the summer months, ensuring that diners can enjoy their meals in a shaded and cool environment. Additionally, during unexpected rain showers, the roofs can be swiftly closed to keep the patio dry, allowing uninterrupted dining service.

This enhancement has not only increased the restaurant’s seating capacity but also improved the overall ambiance of the patio area, making the restaurant an attractive venue for hosting outdoor events and private parties. By blending exceptional cuisine with a unique waterfront setting, The Daily Catch Waterfront has reaffirmed its status as a top-tier Boston eatery.

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