1 Hotel Toronto is a sustainable sanctuary located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The hotel offers guests a quiet and serene haven away from the busy city by utilizing clean and sustainable energy sources. It boasts a rooftop pool and plunge pool, providing the perfect setting for relaxation while enjoying the stunning views of the city.

Atop 1 Hotel Toronto is Harriet’s Rooftop, a luxurious cocktail lounge that exudes elegance and charm. This elevated bar embraces natural and sustainable elements while keeping an eye on contemporary designs, creating a unique and stylish experience for guests. Harriet’s Rooftop offers patrons breathtaking views of Toronto’s skyline and a taste of nightlife that can only be found in the most elegant establishments.

To ensure the ultimate guest experience, ShadeFX was chosen for a turnkey outdoor solution. This included ‘white glove’ engineering services, manufacturing, and installation services. While most of the rooftop experience is an open-air vibe, over 750 sq. ft. is now protected from impending weather. ShadeFX specified three 18′ x 16′ attached structures and retractable roofs for the outdoor space. The three-bay structures were powder-coated jet black with a complementary Ferrari Boulder fabric for the roofs.

Combined with a glass enclosure and heaters, the wrap-around terrace is guaranteed to keep guests comfortable in all weather conditions year-round. With the ability to protect guests from the elements while still providing stunning city views, the rooftop lounge is now even more versatile and appealing. ShadeFX’s solution perfectly complements the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and luxury.

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