In Edmonton, Alberta, a homeowner needed a shade solution for his south-facing deck that is versatile. His requirements led him to ShadeFX, where he expressed a desire for a “freestanding and removable” system that could provide both sun and rain protection for his deck.

In response to his needs, we recommended our newest solution, a 14’x10′ freestanding retractable structure. This two-post shade system, painted Traffic Black and fitted with Sunbrella Linen fabric, featured ShadeFX’s patented single-track canopy paired with a commercial-grade aluminum frame. This design allows the canopy to be fully or partially retracted, providing the desired coverage at any time of the day.

Another key feature is the canopy’s three tilt positions, which can be pre-set during installation. The homeowner chose to set the canopy 20º forward, directing water to one side of the canopy, keeping the rest of the deck dry and usable in all weather conditions.

The result? A functional and stylish shade solution that perfectly met the homeowner’s needs.

“The installation did go well all things considered, and we are pleased with the product. We chose to install it with the forward tilt as our deck is south facing.”

– Leon, Homeowner

Constructed with structural and tempered aluminum, the two-post frame is robust and durable. The system can be anchored to a patio or deck, eliminating the issue of toppling common with traditional patio umbrellas. Moreover, the structure and canopy are wind-rated for 39-46 mph (extended) and 55-63 mph (retracted), ensuring stability in various weather conditions.

In search of a custom shade solution that aligns with your needs? Contact ShadeFX. Let us help you design an outdoor space that offers comfort and protection, regardless of the weather.