Located on Lake Simcoe, this home in Brechin, Ontario emulates modern lakefront living. As part of a major outdoor renovation, this large open patio is perfect for family gatherings and friends to enjoy late-night conversations. A sleek and modern design is complete with a contemporary spa and pool, endless glass railings, and a durable freestanding retractable canopy.

With stunning and inviting sightlines of the water, the outdoor design optimizes an open concept and unobstructed views. The perfect addition to poolside coverage is ShadeFX’s turnkey solution that utilizes our patented single-track design. The low maintenance cantilevered system provides maximum coverage with minimal posts.

 “Thanks for the amazing Canopy! ShadeFX was completely professional, took the time to make sure we got exactly what we wanted and delivered it on time and for a great price! Would highly recommend ShadeFX to anyone looking for a canopy :)!”

– Jonny, Homeowner, Brechin, Ontario

ShadeFX traveled to the Northeast side of Lake Simcoe and installed the retractable canopy system. The 16’ x 10’ ‘Graphite Black’ structure protects a large rattan sofa and concrete firepit. The Sunbrella Cloud fabric extends and retracts or ‘stacks’ on either end of the structure. Breezy days are also no concern for the freestanding retractable canopy with a wind rating of up to 63mph.

The unique system adds functionality and style to the impressive lakefront home. As the sun goes down and the stars light up the evening sky, the canopy can retract for a relaxing night by the warming fire.

Whether the canopy is open or closed, the homeowners have the flexibility to enjoy their outdoor lounge space as they desire.

Enjoy your outdoor views with versatile coverage. Contact us today.