White Glove Service: From Á La Carte to Turnkey Solutions

After researching retractable solutions and similar offerings, you’ve realized that ShadeFX has got you covered, literally. With our combination of products, we can customize a shade solution best suited for you.

From homeowner to designer, to big outfit contractors, we can tailor our installation services based on your needs. Our scope of service ranges from á la carte to a full turnkey solution. Which services are commissioned vary by party, but the end goal is to ensure a successful installation.

Factory Direct

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s understand the benefits of working factory-direct. ShadeFX has a sole location where all our employees, from customer service to finance, have the opportunity to see your shade products in progress.

With that being said, our Product Specialists, Engineering, Production, Service, and Shipping Teams and even our ‘big guys’ are hands-on. We manage every detail ensuring a smooth experience because it highlights our understanding of quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Site Assessment

Technical measurements aren’t for everyone. Whether it’s time constraint or trouble finding the tape measure, we can help. Our team of skilled service technicians will visit the site to take precise measurements of the structure.

Site assessments aren’t just a ‘measure-up’. Our technicians hold a planning meeting with Engineering and the Product Specialist to thoroughly understand the project before arriving. Drawings in hand, ready to answer any questions you may have, our team is ready to serve.

Aside from taking the measurements, the team will identify potential constraints and obstacles such as window sills, lights, and insufficient clearances. It’s also a great opportunity to educate stakeholders on our product offerings, provide further consultation and assess the ‘material path’.

What is a material path? Have you ever seen in movies, where workers heave up a piano ten stories up with a rope? Or have you tried squeezing a three-seater couch through your doorway? Well, those are examples of poorly planned material paths.

The service team will assess the best way to get your products to the site sans damage. Surprisingly, there are factors overseen such as length restrictions for a rooftop application (service elevator, stairs), truck access or limited height and width clearances. We’ll make sure we have the right equipment to hoist your canopy to the rooftop.


With ShadeFX, our goal is to deliver top-notch installation results. Our team will coordinate the delivery of your retractable shade to meet the shipment onsite. We’ll take the time to inspect the shipment for any damage, sign the delivery form and offload it.

From there, we’ll take it through the approved material path and unpackage the system. As you continue your day, we’re busy installing your shade.

Our service team will also take the time to teach you how to use, care and store the canopy, prolonging its lifetime and ensuring compliance with ShadeFX’s 12-year limited warranty.

Site Supervision

Ready to get your project off the ground but not sure where to start? ShadeFX can provide site supervision. If you’ve got experienced workers who are not familiar with ShadeFX but have the skill set, we can guide you through the perfect install.

Our service technician will meet you on site and provide clear directive. They can recommend where and how to lay parts, which parts to hang first, and of course, best practices for the canopy. Ultimately, this will increase efficiency and provide you with support and self-assurance for future installs.

Full Turnkey Solutions

ShadeFX strives to enhance projects by recommending our added services. For those who are looking for a ‘white glove’ experience, our full turnkey solution is hassle-free.

From site assessment to installation, we’ll provide peace of mind. We know our products and we’ll seize the opportunity to provide you with quality service and craftsmanship. Until we’re ready for you to ‘turn that key’, all hands-off deck for this one.

Risk Mitigation

All things considered, we are the experts. ShadeFX offers these services as an approach to reduce risk, complications and oversights. We will specify accurately, install correctly and advise of potential interferences. Of course, we all know a ‘handyman’ but if he’s anything like Tim The Tool Man Taylor, there is a high probability of an incorrect application of the drive beam, stabilizer or gutters.  No matter your project, we want to ensure you get the experience you deserve.

Contractor Challenge

We continuously have the pleasure of building partnerships with contractors who understand our product and can install it properly. On the other hand, we’ve had customers who had their canopy installed incorrectly by their contractor, resulting in negative experiences.

Generally speaking, make sure you’re working with a contractor familiar with our product or one that is willing to learn. If something does go wrong, we’re here to support.

Local Vs Non-Local

You’ve done your research and now you’ve learned that your number one choice is not a local company.

First, although we offer these valuable services, you’re not obligated to choose them. Depending on the project, most homeowners and contractors can apply all services on their own with absolute success. If you decide to move forward with our services, we’ll meet you on site.

Second, ShadeFX is a trustworthy company successfully providing shade all over the US and Canada. In fact, we’re experts at Dispelling the Myths of Working with a Non-Local Company.

In the final analysis, we believe that our product and services, in particular, will add more value, comfort and reassurance.

Don’t let us convince you, let us show you. Contact Us Today.