ShadeFX Takes Centerstage in Charlotte

Charlotte, otherwise known as the Queen City, has confidently proven itself to be the new standard for American cities in the Deep South. In 2013, Forbes named Charlotte as one of the Best Places for Business and Careers. This reputation has resulted in a steady flow of new knowledge economy workers looking for a great place to live, work and play.

There is perhaps a no better example of Charlotte’s bright future than the city’s entertainment district and Epicentre. True to its name, the massive space, with multiple floors of dining, retail and entertainment, is at the heart of the city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and a meeting place for every “Charlottean”. Within just a few city blocks, there are hundreds of options for these new citizens to explore, mingle and relax. However, Rooftop 210 and OMNI Hotel are two places that stand above the rest by offering more than just a view.

Rooftop 210 at Epicentre

Rooftop 210 is a bar and lounge that hosts some of the cities best special events and private parties. From concerts and fashions shows to food fests and ‘silent disco’s, this location is the engine that keeps downtown Charlotte rocking.

When residents and visitors need a break from a fast-paced nightlife, the OMNI hotel offers a different type of urban sensibility. A fixture in the city since 1977, the OMNI has evolved with Charlotte, offering guests refuge on its rooftop patio and entertainment space, Coin Bar. Visitors can cozy up poolside, or watch the local Panthers take on the competition with two massive open-air big screen televisions.

At both Rooftop 210 and Coin Bar, their open-air terraces add incredible value to the city’s downtown life, but more importantly, bottom line profits. This is why it was important for both local hotspots to ensure a stylish, efficient and convenient solution for their guest’s comfort.

Coin Bar at OMNI

Charlotte is directly in the path of subtropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. This means residents and visitors are able to enjoy many sunny days, but also a slightly wetter summer. In order to ensure that service wasn’t disturbed by rain showers or strong sun, Rooftop 210 and OMNI Hotel reached out to ShadeFX for our flexible climate control solution that could protect guests from most local elements.

At Rooftop 210, we installed an L-shaped custom aluminum structure, wrapping around the building, with four Weblon beige retractable canopies. Over at Omni, we gave their Coin Bar a posh treatment. Four Ennis White Fabric Retractable Roofs were installed, two 8×12 and two 12×12, that provide diners ultimate coverage, rain or shine.

Their ability to react to weather conditions, while maintaining day-to-day operations is not only crucial for guest comfort, retention and recommendation, but bottom line profits. With ShadeFX, both Coin Bar and Rooftop 210 uphold their standards, provide maximum comfort and ensure minimal profit loss. It’s no wonder why both establishments are in the middle of the Charlotte’s Epicentre.

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