Liquidity Winery Pairs Old Tradition with New Innovation

At the 49th and 50th parallel, Okanagan Falls in British Columbia shares common ground with the more traditional and refined European Wine Regions.

Nestled amongst its peaks and valleys sits Liquidity Falls Winery, a contemporary estate with 15 hectares of vines, a top 100 Canadian restaurant and a vineyard view that is best appreciated through their ‘wall of glass’.

Much like us at ShadeFX, Liquidity Falls has embraced old world traditions and paired those with new world innovation.  This sensibility for both the old and new comes together seamlessly at their award-winning Liquidity Falls Bistro.

While guest gaze across the valley of New World vines on the 650 square foot patio, three 18×12 Manual Canopies protect them from sun, and when necessary, light rain. In an effort to emphasize the picturesque scenery, a light Sunbrella fabric was selected, helping to frame the scenery rather than detract from it.

By integrating an all-weather solution into their commercial space, Liquidity Falls Bistro has maximized their seating area and increased potential profit margins. More importantly, they have created a breathtaking venue that pairs well with their world-renowned wine, and nationally awarded menu.

For guests, each dollar spent at Liquidity Falls, is one well spent.