Fionn MacCool’s Increases Dining Area by 50% with Outdoor Coverage

Fionn MacCool’s has earned a reputation around the greater Vaughan region for being one of the city’s premier Irish pubs and restaurants. This popular establishment is known for its craft beer selection, traditional Irish fare and for hosting weekly live music from local bands.

In addition to its bustling interior, which includes a bar and dining area that holds 222 patrons, this restaurant also has an outdoor dining space. While the patio area did offer additional square footage, it failed to offer patrons protection from the elements, rendering the space unusable during periods of unpredictable weather.

Motivated by a need to increase capacity during busy shifts and to expand their seating options, Fionn MacCool’s decided to completely remodel their patio in an effort to create an outdoor eating area that would serve as a cohesive extension of the restaurant’s interior.

The Requirement:

The main focus of Fionn MacCool’s patio transformation was to increase their seating capacity. When the restaurant decided to transform their outdoor dining space, they wanted to add an additional 100 seats to their establishment.

Despite the cool Vaughan climate, the restaurant also wanted a space that would be usable during three quarters of the year. Fionn MacCool’s was looking for a method to continue to offer the additional seating to generate revenue, without experiencing weather-related interruptions. Rain, cold weather and heavy sunlight conditions were all impacting their ability to maintain a functional and profitable outdoor space.

Fionn MacCool’s needed to be both functional and stylish as the restaurant wanted an addition that would seamlessly blend in with their existing look and carry over the same aesthetic appeal as the establishment’s interior.

The Solution:

After reviewing several coverage solutions, Fionn MacCool’s chose ShadeFX to help design a new structure fit for topside canopies. ShadeFX worked with Fionn’s to ensure the new structure would specifically match the requirements for the brand’s retractable roof.

The new design included four ShadeFX canopies and a gutter system to direct rain runoff outside the patio. The canopies were crafted in a bold red color to match the restaurant’s decor and were made with fire retardant material, to adhere to commercial property codes. The canopies, along with the mounting brackets and gutters were all powder coated black to seamlessly blend in with the black structure.

The custom-built structure not only accommodated the retracting overhead canopies but helped create an eye-catching outdoor dining space that the company could use late into the fall.

The canopies cover the entire patio’s exterior, providing much-needed sun and rain protection and keeping the patio’s lights, bar, tables and televisions covered. On warm and sunny days, the shades can be retracted, allowing guests to enjoy more pleasant weather conditions.

The Result:

After the structure had been erected, ShadeFX manufactured and installed the retractable canopies. The finished design provided the protection the pub needed and incorporated the restaurant’s expansion needs, improving the overall usability of the space, and increasing the establishment’s seating capacity by nearly 50 percent.

The new patio design provided:

  • Full coverage for 24 tables and 100 total seats
  • Coverage of the outdoor bar area
  • Complete coverage of all outdoor televisions, lights and furniture
  • Outdoor heaters to help extend the patio season late into the fall
  • Rain management structures for uninterrupted patio use during rainfall
  • Custom gutter solutions to keep excess water away from the patio area

Once completed, the new space fulfilled the restaurant’s needs for a usable outdoor dining area, while offering both open-air views during warm summer days and complete coverage during cold and rainy fall evenings. Now guests visiting this established Irish restaurant can enjoy more seating options and diverse accommodations, while Fionn MacCools’ can enjoy an entirely new revenue stream.

If you want to learn more about revitalizing your restaurant’s outdoor dining area and opening up brand new earning potential for your establishment, contact ShadeFX today to find out more about custom solutions like this.