ShadeFX Canopies Recognize Dealer JWS Woodworking

Every spring, ShadeFX and our dealers attend dozens of home and garden shows. It’s a great way to take our product to the ‘street’ and let people see, touch and experience ShadeFX canopies up close. You can see our schedule any time on the Where to See page titled Trade Shows.

This year, It is appropriate to recognize one JWS Woodworking of Waterloo Ontario Canada (home of the Blackberry that may be in your pocket!) as having an outstanding example of how to best showcase ShadeFX in a 10X10 booth setting.

Notice the attention to detail John Swarbrick has taken to make a practical and functional selling booth, while showing off his incredibly smart design senses.

It isn’t easy to be creative, practical, and stylish all at once, and John pulled it all off with aplomb!