ShadeFX Cares for the Environment

Lots of companies and their products claim green technology and environmental friendliness are an integral part of their business culture. Although we don’t make a big deal of the green aspect of our products in our literature or on our website, we are fully aware of them and would like you to know we care about these things.

Here are some of the environmentally green things we practice as a company every day:

  • The product we make can reduce air conditioning bills by up to 70% when a canopy is protecting a south facing set of patio doors from summer sun. It can also benefit in the reverse, where in the winter it is retracted and allows solar loading into the same room from the sun.
  • The best thing you can do to reduce as a consumer is to buy quality products that last. That is one of the reasons we make ShadeFX with only the finest and most durable materials money can buy and have no desire to make a high volume low cost product that lasts 1 or 2 years.
  • We have as close to a paperless office as possible. The only paper we file is supplier and utilities invoices that we receive in the mail. The only thing we print is our production work-order which is used on the shop floor as a parts list and quality checklist that triggers our invoices once completed. 95% of our invoices are e-mailed as pdf’s.
  • We practice the three R’s of environmental sustainability every day. We reduce by using our aluminum and fabric cut-offs for promotional displays and sales tools. We reuse by purchasing slightly used office furniture, computers, and machinery and tools whenever possible. And we repair our machines instead of replace them whenever we can.
  • Finally, we recycle all our plastic, metal, and cardboard waste even though our rural municipality does not offer it yet.

When it comes to the environment, every little bit counts. We at ShadeFX are committed to doing everything we can to adhere to the Three R’s principles and we thank you for caring that we do.


Steve Ostrowski
President and CEO
ShadeFX Canopies Inc.