ShadeFX Transforms The Keg Steakhouse’s Patio Dining Experience

Renowned for perfecting the steak, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar also offers an array of complimentary meal features and expanding wine list catering to each and every palette. Reflective of this contemporary upscale menu is The Keg’s corporate flagship restaurant at 165 York Street. Located within the heart of Canada’s financial district and Toronto’s cosmopolitan core, the expansive space provides patrons with a cool urban aesthetic and luxurious ambiance suitable for any occasion. The most engaging addition to the space is the multi-tiered patio; a key focal point of the design and preferred place for guests.

However, before the leading transformation, the patio was simply a practical dining area, lacking the ambiance and engagement of the lavish interior. Similar to most patio spaces, the initial design failed to incorporate key features that could enhance the function and protection of the space in times of inclement weather. As a result, the patio was under-utilized, influenced in large part to changes in weather, temperature and lighting. Its potential was yet to be realized.

The Requirement

The emergence of new and aggressive competitors posed a threat to The Keg’s prevailing dominance of the market. Known for beautiful and engaging spaces, experiential dining and ambiance, these various competitors began to redefine industry standards, customer expectations and consumer behavior, particularly of young urban audiences.

These young urban audiences pursued premium establishments, habitually went out and spent more money on each visit, at the expense of establishments who offered inferior experiences and ambiance.

This shift in the market emphasized the need for an innovative and provocative solution. To remain competitively relevant, and to attract their newly defined target audience, the Keg knew they needed to overhaul their existing patio space. The answer came in the form of a new design that would engage customers, challenge competitive establishments and re-solidify the Keg as market leaders.

The Solution

Partnering with the award-winning design firm, The Moore Group, and internationally renowned architect Giannone Petricone, vision for the new Keg flagship restaurant began to take shape. The renovation was to emphasize a careful balance of beauty, engagement, protection and usability. Seamless integration of all four components would create an aesthetically beautiful space that would engage customers, but also prolong engagement within space.

With a focus on maintaining the function and quality, Petricone’s sought key partners to deliver the designed vision. After receiving a high recommendation from general contractor Gaydon Contractors, ShadeFX became a big part of the solution.

Working directly with Petricone, the ShadeFX design team was given the design, vision and goals of the project. Understanding the vision and high expectations ShadeFX’s team counseled Petricone and associates on aspects of customization and modifications to the project that would enhance the ambiance, protection and functionality.

ShadeFX’s contemporary solution utilized modern minimalist structures with seven retractable, fire retardant and highly water repellent canopies. Sleek modern furniture and complimentary accessories were painted black, emphasizing the structural beauty and function of the ShadeFX canopies and the design. Lush green foliage, subtle color splashes and tropical redwoods were integrated around three ground to floor marble fireplaces, delivering a surreal experiential sensation of being in an urban oasis.
Because of the ShadeFX solution, all of these complimentary design features, essential to the aesthetic and ambiance of the space, remained protected from the elements without compromise of the design or space.

“For our design, less is more and your retractable canopies were the perfect fit. You seamlessly integrated into our project, without overpowering our design and provided the retractable protection we were looking for. Your team was knowledgeable and flexible. The solution worked well, our clients were happy, and we intend to use your solution for future projects!”

– Michael Rietta, Senior Architect, Giannone Petricone Associates Inc.

The Result

The ShadeFX solution transforms the patio space into an urban refuge, complete with overhead canopy protection. No longer will ambiance and experience be compromised by unforgiving weather conditions or blazing temperature.

External heaters and additional lighting contribute to an extended patio season, irrelevant of climate, conditions or time. When needed, any of the canopies can be retracted to provide guests unimpeded views of the surrounding cityscape and blue sky or extended to provide coverage from rain or sun.

This new corporate flagship patio gives the Keg a competitive edge, higher customer satisfaction and increased usage, which translates into higher revenue. The patio is particularly successful in increasing retention and frequency of use, in the sought after young professional demographic. Relishing in this success, the Keg has begun integrating the ShadeFX solution into their existing and new locations.

Working alongside innovative and trendsetting professionals such as Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. and The Keg Steakhouse and Bar has encouraged the ShadeFX team to continue in our pursuit of providing the best outdoor solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

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