ShadeFX and Tortuga Resort Turn Ocean Side Pergola into Top Wedding Destination

Just off the Gulf of Mexico, south of Florida, is the island of Anna Maria, home to one of America’s best beaches and wedding destinations, Tortuga Inn Beach Resort. The exceptional service staff and world-class amenities ensure guests can enjoy the crystal blue water and white sand beaches while relaxing in the resorts intimate pergola setting.

 The Requirement

Beyond the daily luxury offered to guests at Tortuga Resort, the pergola has a much larger purpose dedicated to the most precious special moments. With many resorts trying to diversify their services to include a wedding day option, Tortuga Inn Beach Resort wanted to become the wedding day destination for any couple, no matter budget, capacity or accommodations.

Despite some expected setbacks, owner David Teitelbaum of the Tortuga Inn Beach Resort was resolute in achieving his vision. Keen to preserve the serenity of the beach and natural ecological habitat, Teitelbaum created an outdoor space designed to accommodate sophisticated and refined hallmark moments.

” We are in the wedding business and have been for years in a big way at our four resorts, Tortuga is probably his best wedding venue.

The idea of the pergola is to have a beachside wedding chapel, but it’s not the primary use.The primary use is for our guests to take a meal or a glass of wine and enjoy themselves. It’s a place where they can get off the sand, but still enjoy the beach.”

– David Teitelbaum, Owner Tortuga Inn and Beach Resorts

Source: Islander Reporter

Completion of the pergola had a dramatic impact on the Tortuga Inn Resort landscape, but more importantly its bottom line. By creating the outdoor space, Tortuga connected the world-class amenities of its resort to the natural beauty of its ocean shore.

Newly-weds could be confident that their picturesque moments on the beach would not compromise the impeccable service, but more importantly, the pergola also ensured couples that weather would not decide their fate. With the outdoor structure in place, guests could seek shade from the tropical sun, or in the worst-case scenario, coverage from a tropical storm, a comforting assurance only made possible by the ShadeFX solution.

 The Solution

Tortuga’s outdoor pergola set the bar high for local beach resorts, however, it was ShadeFX’s nine retractable canopies that gave Tortuga the edge. Easily installed directly onto the pergola, our durable Weblon fabric with 100% waterproof capabilities, provide extensive shade and rain coverage. Easily adjustable to preference, or weather, our ShadeFX canopies ensure guests will be comfortable and relaxed.

The Result

Our multi-functional design and function are directly in line with the quality service and amenities offered by Tortuga Beach Resort Inn. In both cases, both the goals of ShadeFX and Tortuga Beach Resort Inn are to ensure guests will enjoy their stay, rain or shine.

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