Dispelling the Myths of Working with a Non-Local Company

You’ve been searching tirelessly for the perfect product. That final piece that’s going to finish the space and bring your vision to life. It has taken weeks, perhaps even months to find, but the due diligence has paid off. It’s time to place the order, recover your valuable personal time, and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Only there’s a catch – you can’t source this prized piece from your local hardware store, or drive to the closest mall to pick it up.

Welcome to the crossroad. Do you go back to the drawing board or do you take the risk of committing to the product you’ve long adored and deal with a non-local company? It’s a question many of our customers find themselves asking.

While purchasing products from companies worldwide is becoming the norm, many consumers are still apprehensive when working with remote suppliers, especially when it comes to buying those big-ticket items. The introduction of e-commerce conglomerates e-Bay, Amazon, and a few years later Alibaba, have played a vital role in shaping consumer behavior. Purchasing without seeing or touching the product, has become increasingly common over the past 20 years. Nowadays anything you can think of can be purchased at the click of a button, from apparel to electronics, to yachts … Stick a pin, we’ll get back to this point.

Technological evolution continues to mold society. With innovation comes an ability to reach and interact with audiences and geographies previously unattainable. The technology gateway will continue to evolve, and with it will come new and exciting ways for customers and businesses to interact. The sharing of documents and photos has become a one-click process; creation of renderings and simulations has allowed consumers to envision the final product.

Back to the yacht. Ask yourself, “how can someone make the decision to buy a yacht online?”. Something that potentially costs tens of millions of dollars, purchased remotely? The answer is simple, consumer confidence. The trust and belief that the product being purchased is reliable, and the company selling the product is reputable.

The intent of this article is to dispel the myths of working with ShadeFX as a remote company.

The below is a series of questions our clients often ask themselves when deciding whether or not to buy to a ShadeFX retractable canopy, retractable roof, or pergola kit. Most of the time it comes back to the same underlying concern – can I trust a company that is not local?

Why ShadeFX?
Do your research

You’ve done the research. ShadeFX’s single track technology allows for unparalleled coverage, ease of deployment and unrelenting protection from both sun and rain. The system’s ability to be customized makes it highly adaptable to existing structures. The endless options of colors, and fabric types make for a seamless integration into any space.

Yes, alternatives exist. And, often they can be sourced closer to your residence. But, they usually come with tradeoffs whether it be functionality, quality, or style.

How do I know I’m ordering the right size shade with no site visit?
We help specify

Not technical? No problem, leave it to the experts!

Our Product Specialists are experienced in specifying shades for all types and shapes of structures. Wood, aluminum, or metal. Square, rectangle, or obtuse. With photos, drawings and a couple conversations, our team will ensure your system fits perfectly.

We specify thousands of shades annually to both existing, and new build pergolas – working with homeowners, designers, contractors, and architects. Our team will assess your specific need to ensure you’re connected with the right Product Specialist.

Is it tough to install? What if something goes wrong.
Ease of installation

Not at all. ShadeFX can be installed with a friend and the proper tools. Many of our customers install the system on their own. If you’re intimidated, or not interested in installing the system, a local contractor is always an option.

We provide a fully comprehensive installation guide with the system. The guide can be provided in advance of the order if you’re trying to assess whether or not it’s a project to tackle on your own.

Our service department is available to assist with any questions, or concerns encountered during the installation.

What if something happens to my shade post installation?
Industry-leading warranty

ShadeFX is backed by an industry leading 12-year limited warranty. Our service call center will work with you to determine the root cause of the issue and corrective matter.

See Our Full Warranty here

ShadeFX isn’t located in my City, State, or Country – Can I trust them?
We’re always within reach

ShadeFX has built a reputation as an honest and reliable company. Founded in 2008, the company has grown from a regional business to international distributor. We service North America and ship worldwide.

A great customer experience is our number one focus. Whether a homeowner in Hawaii, a restaurant owner in California, or an Architect in Florida, we strive to provide the same attention to detail and professional service to each and every project.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay connected, available, and informative not only through the specifying and ordering process but post-delivery as well. Our Product Specialists follow up to ensure everything went smoothly with the installation, and that the system is operating as it should.

ShadeFX’s mission is to bring comfort and style to outdoor living. Together with our partners and resellers, we strive to make our product highly accessible to homeowners and businesses worldwide. You can trust us, but don’t take our word for it. Keep reading and see what our customers have to say.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying.

Do your research

We help specify

Ease of installation

We’re always within reach

The proof is in the pudding. No matter where you are, in a remote city in Alaska or on a small island in the Bahamas, ShadeFX will reach you. Trust us, we have you covered.

Ready to start your outdoor project? Contact us today.