Palmy Ways on Balmy Days: Howard Beach House

Looking for an exclusive luxury beachfront vacation home large enough to house two families but small enough to be Spanish Wells’ best-kept secret? Look no further than The Howard Beach House.

This four-bedroom, 2,000 square foot house is so close to the sand that it feels as though the waves are crashing into the bedrooms! Offering endless views of green and blue hues, the sounds of the crashing surf will lull you to sleep while enjoying a margarita from the hammock under the property’s giant palms.

Howard Kennedy, with the help of a passionate designer and attentive contractor, took on a major overhaul project, renovating a storm-ravaged hotel into the luxury beachfront home that stands today. With the addition of two beach facing decks just outside the reach of the palm trees, came the need for an alternative shade solution that could match the look and feel of the space, while withstanding the tropical elements.

Howards Beach House before
Howard Beach House underwent a major renovation in 2017 to convert the former Spanish Wells Beach Resort into a luxury 4-bedroom vacation home.

“Being 40 feet from the Caribbean Sea we needed something that could withstand both hurricane force winds and salt corrosion. The flexible design of the ShadeFX canopy seems to be able to handle the wind with no issues at all and all the materials used stand up extremely well to both the sun and the salt.”

Architect’s concept design of the outdoor space.

Working with our product specialist, Howard and ShadeFX collectively decided a rope drive underside canopy would match the architect’s conceptual design of the outdoor space.

“This was my first experience working with a retractable canopy and it could not have gone more smoothly. The architect specified a concept he had experienced in Italy but the cost of importing the European options did just not make sense. ShadeFX provided a solution that was not just custom sized for the space but that looked fantastic.”

Specifying the product is the only first step. Option selections, logistics and deployment, play an equally important role in ensuring a smooth and successful project.

“The team at ShadeFX was very knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect including design of the canopy, easy to follow instructions for the construction of the support structure, fabric selection and even shipping. On top of everything, the overall value provided by the ShadeFX canopy is exceptional. Not only was the cost reasonable but the canopy has turned that space into one of the most used areas of the property.”

The hotel converted house now has its new favourite space to take in the breaking sea views. Whether hiding from the rays on those sunny days or gazing into the sky on those starry nights, you’ll never need to leave the deck of The Howard Beach House.

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