ShadeFX is designed to be a maintenance free system. There is no need to lubricate, clean or adjust anything in the mechanism or motor system.

Fabric maintenance is limited to reasonable cleaning of the fabric when it becomes soiled or stained. The fabrics are made for heavy duty outdoor use. In all

cases a powerful hose-off (not pressure wash) with a mild brush scrubbing (no soap) is all that is needed to remove more stubborn stains/dirt.

Tree gum, sap and grease are best removed with acetone or turpentine.

Product Warranty

To ensure total customer satisfaction, we offer a 12-year limited warranty on all our innovative shade products.


ShadeFX mechanism systems and components are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for twelve years from the date of shipment. For the first 5 years, parts, labor, and shipping (if applicable) are covered. During this period it is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify ShadeFX Canopies Inc. or its reseller, of any defect or deficiency. Thereafter, ShadeFX will, at its option and expense, either repair the canopy or provide a replacement.

After the first five years, the warranty is limited to replacement of parts associated with the mechanical components of the system and is prorated for the remaining seven years of warranty. Not including shipping and labor costs associated with warranty support.

Fabric and Seams

The ShadeFX fabric warranty covers the canopy fabric for up to ten years. ShadeFX will supply a new canopy free of charge to replace any fabric that becomes unserviceable during the warranty period.

For Sunbrella®, Sunbrella Plus® and Sunbrella Firesist® this limited warranty coverage runs for 10 years from the date of original shipment.

For all other fabrics, ShadeFX will replace it at no charge up to seven years. If the fabric or seams become unserviceable due to loss of color or strength from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew damage to fabric and atmospheric chemicals.

Customers are responsible for shipping charges regarding canopies replaced after the initial five years of warranty coverage. Consumer is also responsible for normal care and cleaning of the fabric. Presence of mildew is not a warrantable claim. This warranty covers both the fabric and seams.


All motors used by ShadeFX have a five-year unconditional warranty. Specifically, ShadeFX warrants its motors and controls to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a period of 5 years commencing with the date stamped on each product. If the product fails within this five-year period, we will repair or replace it free of charge.

The foregoing does not cover and ShadeFX Canopies Inc. (SFX) makes no warranty with respect to:
  • Failures or deficiencies not reported to SFX within (30) days of delivery.
  • Failures or damage due to negligence, accident, abuse, improper installation, improper operation or abnormal conditions including abrasion with adjacent objects, or discoloration, or staining, or physical damage from extended exposure to heavy wind that would cause violent flapping of fabric, or physical damage from natural flora or fauna.
  • Shade canopies that have been in any way tampered with, repaired or altered by anyone other than an authorized representative of SFX.
  • Expenses incurred by the Purchaser in an attempt to correct or repair any alleged defect.
  • Any losses, costs, expenses, liabilities and damages (including but without limitation to loss of use or profits, damage to persons or property, all liabilities of the purchaser to its customers or third persons, and all other special or consequential damages), whether direct or indirect, and whether or not resulting from or contributed to by the default or negligence of ShadeFX Canopies Inc., its agents, employees or subcontractors, which might be claimed as the result of the use or failure of the product shipped.

Purchaser shall not return defective or deficient canopies or parts thereof without the approval of SFX. All parts claimed defective or deficient must be substantially manifested by the purchaser to the satisfaction of SFX prior to any product being returned to the factory. The SFX factory will not accept collect shipments without prior written approval and authorizing claim code. SFX makes no further warranty, either express or implied or by trade usage in connection with the design, sale or use of its products. The liability of ShadeFX Canopies Inc. on its warranty shall in no event exceed the cost of correcting the defects in the product sold or replacing the same with non-defective product.

This warranty stated herein is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, or merchant ability, or fitness for particular use and under no circumstances will ShadeFX be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

The following warranty refers to the aluminum structure(s) manufactured and sold by ShadeFX Canopies Inc. For retractable canopies, refer to ShadeFX retractable canopy warranty.

Component Parts

If a component part (bolt, washer, nut, etc.) fails due to manufacturing defect within one year from the date of purchase, ShadeFX will at company option, repair or replace the part, in the original color and style if available, or in a similar color and style if the original has been discontinued.

Aluminum Components & Finish

If any aluminum component fails structurally under normal use or conditions, or if the finish peels or blisters significantly within ten years of the date of purchase for residential installations, or five years for commercial installations, we will at company option, replace, repair or refinish the failed components in the original color and style, if available, or in a

similar style if color has been discontinued.

For purposes of this warranty, a “residential purchaser” shall refer to an individual residential homeowner at the time that the structure is installed. A “commercial purchaser” shall refer to any purchaser other than an individual

residential homeowner.

This warranty shall not cover and ShadeFX shall not be responsible for costs and expenses incurred with respect to the removal of defective ShadeFX products or the installation of replacement materials, including but not limited to labor and freight.