Located in the ‘Marble City’ of Tennessee, this Knoxville home boasts an outdoor deck with a stunning river view. Surrounded by mature trees, the deck was an ideal spot for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. However, the trees failed to provide sufficient shade from the sun and previously setup umbrellas provided no satisfaction.

Their search for an adaptable, rain-resistant solution led them to ShadeFX. Specializing in custom shade structures, ShadeFX designed and manufactured a 12’x18′ structure with a manual retractable canopy for the deck space. The four posts of the structure were custom-made at 12ft high, ensuring that the view of the river from inside the house remained unobstructed. The structure was powder-coated grey, creating a visually pleasing combination with the Sunbrella Crest Ash canopy fabric.

Adding to the structure’s functionality, a Phantom Screen with mesh was fitted to the side that receives the most sun. This screen effectively keeps the sun out without obstructing the breathtaking river view.

“This weekend was the first time we entertained on the deck and used both the canopy and the screen together.  The result was at least 10 degrees cooler! Also, the colors all were exactly as promised, which tied up very well with the deck and furniture.

We are 100% pleased, and we are likely to also order another Phantom Screen, exactly alike, for the South side. Currently, the one on the West side will be most effective in summer, but Spring and Fall when the sun moves South then maybe having another screen on the South side of the canopy would be worthwhile.”

– Claudio Gonzalez, Homeowner

The complete solution has significantly improved the usability and comfort of the outdoor living area. It provides protection and shade, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their deck regardless of weather conditions.

No pergola? No problem! ShadeFX can provide the complete solutionLet’s get started.