Outdoor renovations come in all sizes and bigger isn’t always better. Smaller backyards have large potential, particularly when great designers and homeowners come together to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Enticed with the idea of a lavish sanctuary, the homeowners collaborated with Betz Pools, a company that’s been successful in the industry for over 75 years. Creating prestigious pools and private retreats are their specialty, established through quality craftsmanship, and creativity.

This backyard oasis includes a concrete pool, warming spa, barbecue station and outdoor living space with a built-in fire pit.

To define and protect the living space from the elements, ShadeFX customized and installed a 14’ x 12’ retractable shade structure. The structure is painted black and paired with a Sunbrella Crest Ash fabric to match the outdoor furniture. Shortly after, the same Sunbrella fabric was added as curtains on two sides of the structure to soften the frame and provide privacy when desired.

“ShadeFX provided Betz Pools with a turnkey rain and shade solution for this backyard makeover including: site measurement, structure, canopy, curtains and full installation. The project was completed on budget and on-time and our client is very satisfied with the project results.”

– M. Luff, Betz Pools Ltd.

Finding respite from the sun after a plunge in the pool is only a few steps away. As the sun sets, the fire pit warms the lounge area while the shades can retract to expose the night sky.

Dedicated to excellence for generations, Betz Pools has transformed this once mundane outdoor space into a personal haven with a luxurious style. The addition of a ShadeFX turnkey solution offers a versatile space for the homeowners, contributing to a lifetime of fun and relaxation.

A small space requires careful planning but once the concept becomes a reality, it’s an upgrade one won’t regret.

Big or small, envision your private getaway. Contact us today.