Outdoor living is the perfect link for those who are staying home but desire practical and cozy spaces to work, live and unwind. For that reason, exterior living spaces are growing in demand with the ever-changing times.

Today’s homes no longer only have an open patio or yard, but contemporary improvements to increase the curb appeal. This beautiful red brick three-story home in Cincinnati, Ohio utilizes ShadeFX’s Custom Aluminum Structure Kit to complement the modern renovation of the roof deck terrace.

“The exterior of our home still retains its original appearance as an 1880 horse livery, but our rehabilitation of the interior four years ago created a very modern interior and roof deck. When we were looking at adding some shade from the afternoon sun, a traditional awning or pergola just didn’t seem to fit.  We worked with ShadeFX to design and fabricate a sleek black aluminum frame and awning that looks fantastic in our space. Very high-quality construction and heavy gauge that works well and has drawn a lot of compliments.”

– Jack Ryan, Homeowner

ShadeFX customized a 10’ x 16’ commercial grade aluminum structure with a manual retractable canopy. The frame is painted Jet Black and the water-repellent shade fabric is HarborTime Alpine White. With a ledger block in place, the structure is attached to the side of the home, extending the protected outdoor living space. The minimalist and seamless design coordinated strikingly with the existing details on the rooftop.

As needed, the homeowners can extend the canopy for protection from the harsh afternoon sun. The addition of simple accent string lights and comfortable outdoor furniture turns the roof deck into a magical outdoor space at night.

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