Seamless Retractable Shade Solutions

Over the past 15 years, ShadeFX has been providing robust retractable shade solutions for commercial and residential projects across North America and beyond. Realizing the benefit of the patented single-track system and its potential to add practical functionally to outdoor spaces, ShadeFX expanded its product offering to 4 outdoor shade options.

Regardless of size or complexity, ShadeFX’s patented products provide retractable solutions that offer privacy and protection from the elements. Let’s look at the current product offering.

Retractable Canopies

Initially dubbed the ‘awning of the new age’, our retractable canopies offer more than the traditional awning (see here). Designed for both sun and rain protection, this solution is mounted underneath a structure or frame. It is tailored-made to fit your unique project and can even be arched to conform to the shape of a curved structure.

Its single-track make-up guarantees that rainwater sheds to the sides with no pooling in the middle. Choosing one of the three drive types, the retractable canopy can be stopped anywhere along the track, allowing shade in one area and the sun to shine through in the other.

Finally, the wide range of canopy fabrics allows you to customize your space to suit your needs and style.

Retractable Roofs

Mounting above the rafters, the retractable roof provides complete coverage on virtually any structure. It’s a good solution for any outdoor area that needs weather protection on top, with space underneath for lights, fans, heaters, misters, and other accessories.

Also designed for rain and sun protection, the retractable roof can stay mounted during wintertime, but it’s best not to operate it during below-freezing temperatures. Want to know whether the retractable roof or canopy is right for your needs? This blog could help.

Outdoor Structures

While the first two products mount to existing structures, ShadeFX’s outdoor structures are the complete package. Custom designed to fit your unique space; the commercial-grade structures can be integrated with either the retractable canopy or roof.

Fully customizable, the structures can be paired with curtains, roll-down screens, and heaters to create a three- or four-season residential or commercial space. The structures are also powder-coated to any colour you desire.

Freestanding Canopies

As a modern upgrade to traditional umbrellas, the freestanding canopy, is ShadeFX’s newest product offering. The large two-post cantilevered umbrella is an exceptional poolside alternative. See how it stands up against the competition.

Topped with a retractable canopy, its shades can be titled 20 degrees from horizontal to cast large shadows as the sun moves throughout the day. Wind rated up to 46 mph and with different mounting options; the canopy’s sleek design is customized to fit any space.

Easy to install, operate and maintain, our innovative solutions facilitate even the most eclectic designs and tastes.

Not sure which product will fit your needs? Our professional sales team can help you narrow down which solutions would be perfect for you. Contact us today.