Six Pinterest Worthy Patios and Why We Love Them

Pinterest can be an addictively inspirational tool for homeowners looking to remodel or redesign their spaces. Who doesn’t want their outdoor area to look like a page out of a home magazine or a popular pin on a Pinterest board?

Over the years, ShadeFX has had the pleasure of partnering with many contractors and architects to complete thousands of beautiful backyards. Once the project is finished, we love to share our clients’ new spaces in our gallery to inspire and show prospective customers what is possible in their outdoor spaces.

We’ve compiled a few of our latest residential projects that have been furnished and photographed to perfection. Here are six Pinterest worthy patios and why we love them.

1. Retractable Shade, Charlottetown

Renovated house in Cornwall, PEI.

A home in Cornwall was designed to take full advantage of Prince Edward Island’s rolling hills and waterways. The build’s architecture, tall windows, and extended outdoor spaces offer the homeowners breathtaking views of the river, embankment, and dynamic landscape.

Why We Love it: Besides the amazing view, the second-floor balcony that spans the entire back of the home, has a cozy deck carved out for the family. The bold red canopy that protects the space beautifully steals the show when looking at the house’s exterior profile.

2. Retractable Canopies, San Francisco

retractable canopies
Updated row house in San Francisco.

A renovated row house in the Golden City of San Francisco has limited square footage in the backyard. The homeowners remodeled the deck area making it an easy transition from indoors to out. They incorporated two floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors that easily open onto the wooden deck.

Why We Love It: Though small, the modern minimalistic theme purveys the backyard through the choice of materials used. The black metal structure, light-colored retractable canopy, and warm wood tones completely transform the cozy dining area.

3. Retractable Shade, Surrey

A new deck space in Surrey.

An alfresco lifestyle was the mantra for these homeowners as they sought to design the backyard space of their dreams. Living in nature-loving Surrey, the homeowners enlisted the help of a local contractor to build a split-level deck with amenities for dining, relaxing and enjoying their surroundings.

Why We Love It: That retractable canopy in Harbour-Time Edge Nautical Blue pairs nicely with the homeowners’ natural wood pergola. The complete package makes for a smooth escape to the outdoors just in time to watch the sunset in the evenings.

4. Retractable Canopy, Whitby

retractable canopy
Cozy outdoor space in Whitby.

Homeowners in Whitby created the backyard of their dreams with a large swimming pool and sitting area for the family to gather. A custom-built pergola and dark retractable shade cover the comfy couch and chairs protecting the space from sun and rain.

Why We Love It: The entire structure and shade stand out as a focal point, immediately catching the eye as the centerpiece in the outdoor space. It is also the perfect spot for the family to relax while watching the other activities in the yard.

5. Retractable Canopy, Vermont

Cottage-chic elegance in Vermont.

This picture-perfect lakeside house in Vermont is charming and stylish on the inside and out. The backyard has multiple areas for sitting, lounging, and dining outdoors. Its final design ensures that the homeowners are primed to take full advantage of the area’s iconic views.

Why We Love It: The taupe and cream striped canopy pattern matches perfectly to the aluminum pergola and the neutral colour scheme at the back of the house. The outdoor dining space also has the ‘best seats in the house’ where the homeowners can dine with a view.

6. Retractable Canopy, Missouri

retractable canopy
Indoor/Outdoor flow in Kansas City.

Built in Kansas City is a Cape Cod-inspired home with an amazing outdoor space. The homeowners set up a deck space immediately off the home with outdoor dining furniture, a grill, and smoking for outdoor cooking.

What We Love: The space was designed with outdoor living as a top priority. The modern accordion glass doors can retract completely for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. This feature is improved by outfitting the space with overhead shade and lighting ensuring the area could be used no matter the weather.

Ready to transform your backyard into a Pinterest worthy patio? We can help.