Five Timeless Backyard Design Trends

Trends come and go. We can all think of a few backyard trends that were all the rage for a year or two but are now in the past. Some trends tend to come back in style after a few years, while others stand the test of time. These timeless trends add an entertainment factor, functionality, usability, and top resale value to any backyard. Let’s take a look at five timeless backyard design trends that will stay in style season after season.

Low Maintenance Gardens

While we love to see beautiful flower patches adorning our backyard or neat rows of your favourite herbs or vegetables, many of us may not have time to put in the work to make it happen. With busy lives, many like to maintain gardening tasks at a manageable level. Here enters the trend of low-maintenance backyards. To achieve this, opt for artificial turf or get rid of grass altogether. Choose plants that are not too big for your garden, so you won’t have to prune often. Some of these easy-care garden plants include peonies, lavender, succulents, and black-eyed Susan. For growing low-maintenance vegetables, start with beans, cherry tomatoes, leafy greens, garlic, and herbs.

Outdoor Kitchens

The concept of cooking outdoors is nothing new and probably dates back to the time when man discovered fire. The past decade has seen an explosion of outdoor kitchens and products that transforms any backyard into an entertainment spot, family hangout or romantic enclave. Outdoor kitchens are the perfect formula for bringing the joy of food and people together in the backyard. As long as people like to spend time outdoors, this is a trend that will continue well into the next century and beyond. Besides the entertainment value, the other benefits of having an outdoor kitchen are its versatility, convenience, and great resale value.

Alfresco Dining

If you’re cooking outdoors, why not dine outside alfresco? They go hand in hand. The phrase ‘al fresco’ is borrowed from Italian for ‘in the cool’. However, today it’s a term widely used and adapted to mean ‘in the open air’. What started as a picnic in earlier times, transformed into a more formal setting in homeowners’ private gardens. Outdoor dining styles may vary from household to household, from bar top seating and picnic tables to a full 8-seater dining table and matching chairs. Whether your outdoor space is a balcony in the city or a large garden in the country, dining outdoors is a much-anticipated ritual during the warmer months of the year.

Backyard Shade

You can have the most comfortable outdoor dining chairs, but if they are sitting in the middle of a concrete patio in the desert with the sun beating down, it won’t be enjoyable. Shade is a necessity in escaping the heat of the summer and is a pastime, as old as time itself. Sculptures from 11th century BC show that sunshades were being used in Egypt, India, and the Middle East. Initially inspired by the shady canopies of trees, our modern-day backyard shades come in a variety of forms ranging from versatile retractable canopies, patio covers, or structures like pergolas or gazebos. In whatever form, shade is here to stay. It’s especially crucial for protection against harmful UV exposure whenever you go outside. Need inspiration? Here are five patio shade ideas to help you out.

Swimming Pools

Will swimming pools ever go out of style? Not any time soon. Private swimming pools date back to the days of Roman emperors in the 3rd millennium BC and were usually reserved for religious functions and purification. Residential swimming pools became popular in North America around the 1900s, a trend for wealthy families. Today, it isn’t uncommon to drive through neighborhoods lined with residential pools. While some would argue that the upkeep and safety risks are notable cons for installing a pool, there are several pros. Besides cooling down during the hotter summer days, there are added health benefits if you exercise in the water, including flexibility, strength, circulation, and endurance. It’s also a great place to relax with the family.

These backyard design trends are here to stay. They may need a facelift from time to time but their purpose will never go out of style. Can you think of any backyard trends we’ve missed? Comment below and let us know.