Five Designs to Inspire Your Backyard Renovation

Inspiration for designing or remodeling your backyard can come from various sources – home décor television programs, magazines, different cultures, online platforms like Houzz, Pinterest or Instagram, or even your neighbor’s backyard.

When drawn to a particular style of outdoor furniture, colors, patterns, or greenery, it’s a good idea to make a note of it. You can create mood boards with photo cut-outs from magazines or brochures, take photos or screenshots, or use the save function on the online platforms mentioned above to compile images of what appeals to you.

This is a good practice to maintain before you start any renovation to your outdoor space. It can help you nail down exactly what your tastes are when it’s time to remodel. It also serves as a guide you can give to an architect, designer, or contractor so they can better help you achieve the style you desire.

Alternatively, if you’re up to the challenge and taking on some of the renovations yourself, your inspiration board can help you in the purchasing of paints, plants, and furniture to match your vision. Unsure of what your style maybe be? Take a look at five differently styled backyards and see if any elements appeal to you.

1. Peaceful Zen

Retractable Shade, Dallas, Texas

Although not completely true to the zen-style of Asian architecture, this backyard in Dallas has elements that draw from the East. From clean landscaping to the exquisitely designed pool, to the box-like loungers, these features create an appealing sanctuary. There is no clutter and every item has purpose, maintaining an open, flowing space. If there’s one word that sums up this space, it’s peaceful.

2. Boho Chic

Retractable Canopy, Wasaga Beach

Bohemian style is quite the opposite of zen. It mixes a range of colors and furniture styles together, creating an eclectic look. This backyard in Wasaga Beach embraces nature through its color scheme and seems full of life. There are no strict rules or guidelines here and nothing has to be in a specific place. The homeowners use different kinds of wicker furniture, hues of blues, greens, and natural wood, creating a cohesive space that is uniquely theirs.

3. Cozy Contemporary

Retractable Shade Structure, Vaughan

The black metal pergola paired with monochromatic tones lends to the modern look of this outdoor space. What makes the look cozy and contemporary, are the colorful potted flowers, plush inviting couches, and the natural hues of the concrete tiled floors. Enhancing the sung factor is the addition of retractable curtains to the pergola, making it a secluded spot for a date night by the firepit. If you like the balance of strict lines with soft accents, then this look might be for you.

4. Rustic Modern

Retractable Kitchen Cover, Toronto

This backyard renovation combines a modern twist on a rustic theme and they complement each other well. Wood is used everywhere and is indicative of rugged Western décor used in log cabins, mountain lodges, and other Western-style homes. The thick, wooden beams that form the pergola and the natural shiplap backsplash, pays homage to the rustic design. The modern components include the seating, sconces, stainless steel grill, and retractable canopy.

5. Scandinavian Influence

Retractable Shade, Greenwich

Scandinavian architecture is quite an interesting blend of modern and contemporary. It features clean lines, a minimalistic look with touches of natural materials. Designs similar to this backyard in Greenwich, Connecticut are becoming more popular in households around North America. The natural wooden table pairs well with the geometrical white chairs. The stark white shade and pergola make the space feel light and bright, matching that “Scandi” look.

Not seeing your preferred style in this line-up? No problem, we have hundreds of inspirational projects, all with their own custom style and taste. Take a look.