Keep Cool with These Five Patio Shade Ideas

Whether you wish to have a simple design or an elegant custom shade solution, there are several options available that can provide your shelter from the elements and enhance the style of your outdoor space. Below are some patio shade ideas that will inspire you and help you create a comfortable, functional and beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Traditional Patio Umbrellas for Small Areas
Patio Shade Ideas Umbrellas
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When you think of shading a small area, umbrellas usually come to mind as the most simple, inexpensive way to get some cover. Patio umbrellas can be moved and tilted to block the sun from any direction. A bright colorful umbrella will provide shade and add a burst of vibrancy to any outdoor space. To add a little elegance, try integrating LED lighting under the umbrella canopy to give some soft romantic lighting to your patio table for those late evenings spent outside. When looking for umbrella’s consider the type of fabric that is used, make sure they are durable, UV fade resistant, as well as water and mildew resistant.

2. A Pergola to Add Shade and Charm
Patio Shade Ideas Pergolas
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Pergolas are a great way to add some necessary shade to your pool area while incorporating a decorative Meditteranean flair to your space. Pergolas are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Along with buying a pre-made kit, if you have experience with woodworking and DIY projects, consider building your own pergola! There are plenty of free pergola plans available online, all totally customizable to fit your space. To add full protection from the sun and rain, consider using a retractable canopy along with your homemade pergola. Simply extend the canopy for full shade during hot summer months, and retract the shade during cooler months to enjoy a greater amount of sunshine. Adding curtains to the pergola can add privacy, wind protection, and subtle style.”
3. Natural Shade Solutions
Patio Shade Ideas Trees
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Trees not only provide shade, but greenery, privacy and natural beauty to your outdoor space. You can plant trees in the ground that is aligned to your patio or in large planters around the backyard. Deciduous trees are always a great choice since they offer a natural canopy during summer months when shade and protection from UV rays are most necessary. As the summer comes to an end, these trees begin to lose their leaves, allowing greater amounts of sun to shine through, warming up the spaces below. If you have a trellis above your patio, another ‘green’ option is to plant foliage, such as wisteria or trumpet vines, to provide shade and a natural feel to your outdoor space.

4. Lattice to Add Simple Subtle Shading
Patio Shade Ideas Lattice
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Lattice panels are an inexpensive and simple shade solution that welcomes in just enough sunlight to provide a subtle shading effect. Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, the lattice patio cover option is versatile and can complement any decor. Lattice is capable of following the curve of a patio or  can be sculpted to its edges, creating a beautiful shade structure. Use durable wood to get multiple years of enjoyment from the space, adding fabric to the lattice structure will also provide flexibility for shade control and overall aesthetic.

5. Canopies for Instant Protection
Patio Shade Ideas Retractable Canopies
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Perhaps the most practical way to add a bit of style and character to a home while serenely providing shade to an outdoor living space is by adding a versatile patio canopy. These decorative accents can cover large areas and withstand exposure to the elements, providing protection from both sun and the rain. While trees might take years to grow, a retractable canopy can be installed and utilized for your personal enjoyment in no time at all.

Making Your Patio Functional and Fabulous All Year Long

Whether you are seeking shelter from the sun’s rays or simply wishing to add some style to your patio, these patio shade ideas are all good choices. Providing shade to your outdoor space will add value, functionality, and endless hours of pleasure for you and your family.

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