Transform your Space with Outdoor Fabrics

Fabrics are no longer limited to the interior of the home. Now, gorgeous decorative outdoor fabrics are found in an array of different colors, patterns and textures designed to withstand exposure from the elements, helping to turn patios, porches and any outdoor rooms into beautifully functional living spaces. Outdoor fabrics can be utilized in a variety of different ways, ranging from patio cushions to retractable canopies, offering unlimited potential for transforming and updating the look and feel of any outdoor space. Most importantly, new technologies allow outdoor fabrics to resist water damage, fading and mildew, offering products that can last and endure even the harshest climates.

Here are five different ways that outdoor fabrics are being used to enhance the perfect backyard getaway:

Outdoor Fabrics Canopy
Molly Wood Garden Design

If you chose to go with a canopy, it would be the most prominent piece of fabric employed in your outdoor living space. Modern canopies are constructed from the latest in outdoor fabric technology that not only provide logical functionality but also individualized beauty to your outdoor space. There are various ways to employ a canopy into your outdoor room, for example, use a small white canopy over an outdoor sofa to create a romantic ambiance, add sophisticated fabric to add dramatic sight lines, or bright colors to re-create a Moroccan inspired lounge area. Apart from the possible design aspects, and perhaps of greater importance, is the functionality of a canopy. Along with providing a relaxed elegance to your outdoor room, the canopy provides protection from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays, summer showers and fall leaves. The only potential downfall to canopies is that they remain stationary, limiting you in how you choose to utilize your space and when.

Retractable Shades
Outdoor Fabrics Retractable Canopy
ShadeFX Canopies

The solution to a canopies immobility can be found in retractable shades. This innovative product can be affixed to any outdoor structure, such as pergolas or arbors. These structures provide the perfect base for retractable fabric shades and help to clearly articulate an outdoor area. Furthermore, developers of retractable shades are very flexible and capable of providing brilliant customizations to any outdoor space. The retractable canopy is capable of covering large areas, depending entirely on the homeowners personal preferences. A wide array of color is available to match with your personal style, helping to create looks ranging from old fashioned beach resort to lush country club. When deciding to go with a retractable shade, the homeowner must keep in mind that water resistant canopy fabric is tolerant towards occasional rain showers, while waterproof canopy fabrics are capable of withstanding constant exposure to a variety of weather conditions. Learn more about outdoor fabrics here.

Outdoor Fabrics Cushion
Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Outdoor cushions can be a simple and fun way to revive older furniture by adding your own personal flair to the space. New technological developments have introduced products to the market that are not only durable but fashion-conscious. Look for a variety of hues and patterns that help compliment the colours that exist within your home to ease the transition from the exterior to the interior. Currently, the most popular pieces depict bright colors, oversize florals, swirls, bold strips, and graphic patterns that provide playful and inviting visual intrigue. If you wish to create a serene outdoor space, consider ‘cool blues’ and ‘sea greens’ paired alongside ‘light creams’ or off-white. If your outdoor space offers a great panoramic view, keep fabric tones subdued so that the natural scenery is not compromised. Finally, like all other fabrics in your outdoor space, be sure to check that all cushions are water resistant, waterproof and fade resistant.

Outdoor Fabrics Drapes
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Adorning your porch, outdoor room or patio, with outdoor easy-to-attach drapes can help to create a space that is both beautiful and elegant. Outdoor curtains are an effective way of creating privacy, providing sun protection and showing off personal style. Draperies can be closed to create a sense of privacy or opened to enjoy the cool breeze and sunshine. If you live in an area where sun protection is the ultimate concern, a heavier, thicker fabric is probably your best option. However, keep in mind, darker curtains can remove sunlight entirely from the space while also limiting air flow. Depending on your type of needs, light colored, or sheer outdoor draperies are usually the most logical choice, they are both functional and stylistically appealing. For a guide on comparing outdoor curtains, see: pergola curtain fabrics.

Outdoor Fabrics Pillows
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Accent pillows are the last decorative pieces that will help tie together the entire space. There are different ways that pillows can be used to create a desired effect. One option is to try switching your pillows in accordance with the seasons. Use lime green and yellow to welcome spring and summer. Change to orange and reds when the weather begins to cool and leaves start to fall. If you have a large neutral outdoor sectional, a cluster of throw pillows will add a colorful punch. If you are still unsure, you can use the 2-2-1 concept for an outdoor sofa: two square printed pillows of the same size at either end with two smaller pillows of different print beside them. Tie the whole look together by adding one complimentary ‘jazzy’ rectangular pillow in the center. The graduated sizing creates height intrigue while contrasting patterns and colors add whimsical dimension. Remember, they are just pillows, have fun with them.

It’s all about the Details

The outdoor fabric industry has made leaps and bounds in improving the choice of colors, patterns and textures. Recent technologies in development of outdoor fabrics has given homeowners the change to add color, make a statement and surprise guest with creative ways of using fabric to transform their outdoor spaces. While your at it, don’t forget that these fabulous fabrics can be used for tablecloths, place mats and rugs to add greater style and function to your space. If you are looking for a trendy and refreshing update the patio or deck, outdoor fabrics may just be the cheap and efficient solution you need.