5 Tips to Capture the Best Photos of Your Work

Photography is one of the most important aspects when showcasing your brand. Photos help form the core of how your current and potential clients understand and connect with your company. Great photographs pull you in, tell a story and shape the backbone for all of your future marketing efforts.

No matter if you are an interior designer, architect, contractor or supplier you want your expertise highlighted. You want the hues of the room, angles of the structure or the texture of your deck work to impress your client. Awkward, dark or boring photographs will not do your product or service justice.

With the right imagery you can convey a sense of expertise, reliability and trustworthiness. When paired with the right marketing message, these images elevate and distinguish your brand in the marketplace. With more people turning to the internet to research their suppliers, it’s important that your website and social media photography be up to par. Here are five tips to make sure you are capturing the best photography of your work.

1. Choose the Best Camera

The photos of The Livmore rooftop project were taken by the ShadeFX Service team with a cellphone.

There are a number of professional cameras on the market that your company can invest in. As an alternative, cellphones today are equipped with quality cameras for taking great photos and videos. The biggest challenge you may have is keeping your camera or phone steady. When taking the photo, stabilize your stance and hands as much as possible. You can try taking the photo while sitting or standing against a sturdy wall. You may also invest in a tripod for your phone/camera. Some come with flexible legs that are great for uneven surfaces or even wrapping around poles. Finally, it is recommended to get as close to the area you want to capture without using the zoom-in option. By zooming in you may sacrifice the quality of the photo.

2. Stage the Shots

poolside shade
Staging your perfect shot is key as seen in this photo by Jimi Smith Photography.

Once the work is completed, it would be good to get a photo of the finished space. This is the best chance you have to take some crucial photos of your work. Make sure you stage the space as best as you can. This means packing up all equipment and tools. You will want to clean up the area as well. When work is going on, dust and debris will stick to almost anything so make sure you give the area a good sweep and wipe down. These types of details can show up in your photos completely ruining the shot. Next, if the space has any furniture you can use it to your advantage. Most clients will also appreciate their spaces being shown after it is set up and decorated. In addition, seeing the space for its intended use is the most effective to market your product or services.

3. Lighting is Key

Photographer Virginia Miller captured the ambiance of Rooftop 25 at Twenty Five Lusk during sunset.

Lighting can affect color, depth perception and more. It is important to evaluate the space at different times of the day to determine how natural light plays in the space. The sun can be a friend or foe. Photographers usually aim for early to mid-morning to capture the best shot. Once the sun is at its peak, the lighting might be a bit too harsh on the landscape hindering you from capturing the natural hues and colors. The final product should look as natural as possible, as if you are standing right there. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos and from different angles.

4. Use a Photo Editor

Photo editing apps like Photoshop can be used to enhance the colors within your photos.

Postproduction is an important component. There are photo editing tools like Lightroom or Photoshop that can help further enhance your photos. They offer different techniques to correct any blemishes in the original shots while keeping them looking completely natural. Other benefits include the resizing and cropping of images to fit the requirements of any online platform, without sacrificing quality. This will take some practice as photo editing, like photography, is a skill. However, when used correctly, these tools could make that “money shot” even more amazing.

5. Hire a Professional

RED Madison
Professional photographers can be hired to take photos of commercial spaces like RED Madison. Photography credit: @CrystalKCreative

It might be a bit difficult to take photos throughout the job especially when you may have dozens of other things to consider. When in doubt, nothing beats hiring a professional photographer. You can get a wide range of photos that creatively highlight your work in the best way possible.

A professional photographer who specializes in your industry will stage the photos in the most appropriate way. Whether your photos involve products, buildings or people, a professional photographer knows the tricks of the trade to highlight the best features of your work. They have the best equipment and accessories as well as vast experience composing photos in a short space of time.

When it comes to successful marketing and advertising of your business, professional photos are a must no matter what industry you work in. With professional photos, you wouldn’t have trouble convincing prospective clients that you are experts in your field or that you could handle their projects. Whether you invest in photography equipment or a professional photographer, you won’t regret this business decision.

ShadeFX has worked with a number of photographers over the years from Jimi Smith Photography to Virginia Miller, The Perfect SpotTake a look at our premium residential and commercial properties.