The Golden City, San Francisco, is a great place for independently owned businesses and trendsetting residents who exude personality and style through their décor and builds. These trendy homeowners in the Castro District live in a renovated row house with modern flair throughout.

With limited square footage in their backyard, they remodeled the deck area making for an easy transition from indoors to out. Two floor-to-ceiling sliding doors open to the new wooden deck outfitted with a cozy dining area and stairs leading down to a small, tiled patio.

The city’s famously unpredictable weather made shade over their new deck a must. Considering themselves DIYers, the homeowners worked with our Product Specialist to design and build a modern custom structure to fit the canopies.

ShadeFX then manufactured two 10’x10 motorized retractable canopies to cover the deck area. Channeling the modern minimalistic theme, Sunbrella Alloy Silver was chosen for the shade fabric and canopy components powder-coated black.

Once delivered, the homeowners were guided through the install and the two canopies were flange-mounted to the structure with built-in stabilizers.

“ShadeFX was the perfect solution to our needs. We wanted a retractable canopy that integrated into a clean and finished modern garden exterior. Kevin was a patient and thorough guide through the design process and helped us create a beautiful custom canopy that has transformed the way we enjoy our outdoor space.”

– Ramey Littell, Homeowner

To accommodate the sliding glass doors when the canopies are retracted, extra wings were added to each canopy. This allowed the ‘canopy drop’ to not block any of the California sun or the view into their backyard.

At the push of a button, the canopies can be extended or retracted at the homeowners’ fancy. The new outdoor deck space is now the best spot to start a sunshine-filled day or end a star-lit night.

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