Chicago’s embraced motto is a Latin phrase ‘urbs in the horto’, which translates to ‘city in a garden’. It is a city filled with soaring high-rises framed with 28 miles of shoreline and a bustling city with pockets of over 500 parks. The cordial combination makes an ideal location for anyone to call home.

Lincoln Park is one of the most affluent communities in Chicago, where opulent construction and designs by LeVaughn + Associates can be found. Specializing in combining timeless aesthetic principles with contemporary designs, the full-service architectural firm focuses on luxury residences.

This project lead by LeVaughn + Associates included a backyard enhancement. As part of the design, a heavy gauge black steel trellis was erected over the backdoor patio. Interested in a retractable shade solution, the firm reached out to ShadeFX.

After a few inquiries and custom design decisions, ShadeFX manufactured three manual retractable shades in a Sunbrella Charcoal Tweed fabric. The service team installed a 14’ x 10’ canopy down the center of the trellis, with narrower 14’ x 8’ canopies on each side.

The canopy tracks and stabilizers are painted black, blending into the steel structure. To reduce the ‘canopy drop’ to 17” for the outswing doors, additional wings were added. The inclusion of the retractable shades completes the modern space.

The charming neighborhood of Lincoln Park is a Chicago dream. Treelined streets offer manicured gardens alongside its namesake park and of course, luxury homes created by LeVaughn + Associates.

Whether it’s an upscale residence or a modest home, ShadeFX retractable shades provide function and elegance unmatched in today’s market. Contact us today.