Chaplin Estates in Toronto is named after the Chaplin Family who owned the land and began building a high-class residential neighbourhood. Primarily made up of premium homes built in the 1920s and 1930s, the different architectural designs include Tudor, Georgian and English Cottage styles. The history, desirable location, and large luxurious residences certainly make for an upscale, highly sought-after area.

Over the years, newly built modern homes and renovations were mixed in with original properties. Close by is a newly built park. From a cooling wading pool and inviting play structures to expansive green space and tennis courts, Oriole Park is filled with exceptional facilities for both children and adults to enjoy.

Inspired by the new addition to the neighbourhood, these homeowners decided to upgrade their backyard awning. Comparing alternative solutions, ShadeFX’s capabilities overshadowed installing another retractable awning.

“A friend introduced me to ShadeFX and they are terrific! They designed a specialized awning to fit my needs, which has transformed the use of my back yard! They’ve also been amazing at taking my awning down each year, putting it in storage for the winter, and then reinstalling it at the beginning of the following year! Excellent group of people to work with!

Highly recommended! You will really be impressed!”

– Garth Foster, Homeowner

ShadeFX customized and installed a 14’ x 16’ retractable shade structure. The team replaced the awning with an attached black aluminum structure and motorized retractable shade. Two inset posts add custom detail and clear a garden bed on the left.

The retractable shade is fabricated using a water-resistant Harbor-Time Driftwood and the standard canopy drop perfectly clears both French doors. All canopy components are also painted Satin Black to match the outdoor furniture.

The final result is a transformed patio space using a modernized, long term solution providing sun and rain protection.

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