Five Benefits of a Motorized Retractable Shade

Retractable shades contribute a great deal to any outdoor living space by allowing homeowners to enjoy the sun or shade as they please. Colour and feature selection allows the homeowner to show off their unique personality and style while providing optimal comfort.

ShadeFX’s patented single track technology ensures smooth operation of all our retractable shade solutions. We offer three different drive types: manual, rope, and motor – you can explore them in more detail here.

For large residential and most commercial projects, the motorized operation is the way to go. Not only do most clients find this option aesthetically appealing, with no ropes or handlebars, but also extremely convenient. Here are the five top reasons our customers love motorized canopies.

1. Conveniently Easy

This is the #1 reason most clients go for motorized shade. The fully adjustable shades can be controlled conveniently at the push of a button, flick of a switch or via a handy smartphone app. This makes them super simple, some might even say fun, to operate! The other non-motorized operations require you to manually control the canopy either by rope or handle. For projects with multiple canopies, you can choose to have all of the shades retract in unison or independent of each other.

2. Tech Compatible

The Somfy MyLink app allows users to operate their shade using a tablet, smartphone, or even voice commands and this can be done while at home or away! Wind sensors can also be added for another layer of comfort. Somfy wind sensors monitor the wind speed to determine when it should retract the shade. If the wind speed goes past the pre-set threshold and risks damaging the canopy, it will automatically retract.

3. Added Versatility

A motor operation is a great option for taller structures and spaces where there may be interference along the track. It gives you full control of how much you wish to cover or expose without worrying about accessibility. In addition, it gives you the creative freedom to design a backyard space that would be the envy of many.

4. Enhances Ambiance

Need to set the mood? Nothing is more romantic than retracting your shades and cozying up under a starry night sky. With a motorized canopy, you don’t have to spoil the mood or move from your spot. The most effort exerted is to reach for your phone or remote to activate the canopy. Of course, the same is said for when it starts to rain. Snuggle up by a warm fireplace or table without the fear of getting soaked.

5. Increases Value

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular. This means that not only will motorized canopies make your life easier, but they will make your home more valuable when you are ready to sell. All of the unique features mentioned above would make great selling points to any homebuyer when the time comes. Backyard shade is a trend that is here to stay (see our Five Timeless Backyard Design Trends) and adding a motorized operation is the icing on the cake.

ShadeFX’s motorized operation is an impressive addition to any space, adding that definite wow factor. It is available for both our retractable canopies and retractable roofs, offering sun and rain protection at the push of a button.

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