Keeping Your Backyard Cool this Summer

Let’s face it! When summertime comes around, everyone is eager to enjoy the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Yet, we all know that with this season comes a major inconvenience – the heat. Scorching temperatures combined with the sun’s harsh UV rays can easily deter any plans to entertain or relax in your backyard.

Not to worry, though. There are a few key design pieces that can be incorporated into most backyards. These will keep everyone cool while making the most of the space throughout the seasons.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario is the quaint suburb of Orleans. It is home to one-of-a-kind restaurants, hidden gems with live music, and the outdoor-loving, Kapcala family. While there are a few things to consider before taking on a backyard renovation, these homeowners knew exactly what needed to be done to make their space summer-ready.

Build a Pergola

The first step the Kapcalas took was to build a structure. The homeowners went for a 10’x10’ cedar pergola to cover their brand-new deck. Depending on the design of the pergola, it may offer partial shade to the area underneath. However, for complete coverage and relaxation, the homeowners moved on to step two: adding shade.

Add a Retractable Canopy

Having shade is necessary if you want to escape the summer heat. After the Kapcalas had their pergola installed, they turned their attention to completely shading the sitting area underneath. When the tarp solution proved futile for staying cool, the homeowners reached out to ShadeFX for reliable sun protection. Working alongside our product specialist, a 10’x10’ retractable canopy in the neutral Sunbrella Linen Tweed was specified and installed on the structure.

“Our purchase from ShadeFX this past June has definitely enhanced our enjoyment on our deck this summer. Prior to having this shade, I had installed a tarp on the top of our pergola to protect us from the hot sunshine. The outcome was the welcomed shade but also an increase in the ambient temperature! The installation guidelines were straight forward and immediately after the shade was installed and opened, the difference between the shade and the tarp was immediate. Relief from the sun’s strong rays and a cooler environment. Looking forward to many summers on our deck thanks to ShadeFX!”

– Barry Kapcala, Homeowner

Consider a Pool

On a hot and sunny day, a dip in the pool is the perfect escape. But what if you don’t have the space or budget to enjoy this cooling pastime? One solution is to opt for an above ground pool similar to that of Kapcalas.

Above ground pools come in various sizes and shapes to fit the space of your backyard. An affordable alternative to an inground pool, most above grounds do not require any major construction to be installed.

If you prefer the traditional inground option, here are Five Pool Building Tips to Keep your Budget Above Water.

Compete with Outdoor Shade/Curtains

Roll down shades and curtains are an easy addition to existing pergolas. The Kapcalas mounted a simple sunshade to assist in blocking the afternoon sun.

ShadeFX offers stylish and functional pergola curtains, as well as retractable screens. The automated screens are perfect for the tech-savvy at heart, as they can be controlled from a remote or via an app on a smartphone.

Depending on your needs, customers can choose from fabric, mesh, or vinyl, that can provide solar heat control, natural ventilation, climate control, and privacy.

In the end, the Kapcalas transformed their outdoor space into the dreamy relaxation zone they wanted. One that they can enjoy during the day’s fiery heat and the cooler summer night.

Stay cool all summer long! Ask about our retractable shade solutions.

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