Six Modern Backyard Design Ideas

Many people throw the term ‘modern’ around when it comes to interior and exterior design, but what really defines a modern space? A modern outdoor patio should have sharp, clean lines and modular forms that can be considered artistic.

Modern spaces also tend to have a great balance of textures and organic materials. A mixture of refined finishes, rustic surfaces, and various clean-cut shapes help create a cohesive design.

Now that spring is here, we have a few projects to get you inspired. Here are 6 design ideas for creating a modern outdoor space.

1. Incorporate Plants

A rooftop patio in New York.

Most homeowners amplify the modern look by creatively adding greenery to the space. Consider using plants paired with simple planters. Planters made from glass, stone, metal or wood, add texture and that modern touch. This outdoor rooftop in New York is the epitome of modern luxury, effortlessly combining textured furnishings. Desirous to add natural elements to soften up the structured look, the homeowners added plants and a green wall. The simple grey planters add that modern touch while the green topiary plants enhance colour and visual interest.

2. Get Creative with Fire

A renovated backyard in Etobicoke.

A fire pit is an excellent investment for your home, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors. It creates a cozy ambiance that can last year round. With the right design, it can tie an entire space together. A modern backyard in Etobicoke incorporates natural elements to complete this outdoor living area. At the center is a squared brick and slate fire pit that complements the tones of the space, while standing out as a statement piece.

3. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

State-of-the-art outdoor kitchen in New York.

If you enjoy cooking outdoors, consider adding a fully functional kitchen. They are versatile and convenient while increasing the resale value of your property. Homeowners in New York have an outdoor kitchen space that is both modern and functional. It has a state-of-the-art grill, a stainless-steel mini fridge, wine cooler, and sink. The bold blue color scheme with the new appliances add personality and a modern look.

4. Simplify the Colour Palette

A minimalist backyard in Birmingham, Michigan

Choosing the right colours is paramount to creating that minimalist look commonly associated with a modern backyard. Sticking to simple color palettes can also make it easier to furnish and decorate the space, so you can focus on key pieces to add character. A backyard space in Birmingham, Michigan opted for a clean and modern black and white colour scheme throughout. A small red side table adds a pop of colour that complements the overall look.

5. Add a Water Feature

A modern backyard oasis in Dallas, Texas.

Spending time outdoors can be more relaxing if a water feature is present. Depending on space and budget, you can consider adding a pool, jacuzzi, or fountain to your outdoor area. A beautiful backyard in Dallas, Texas, has a large infinity-edge pool that stands out in the space. The clean lines, poolside furniture, and shade, enhanced by strategically placed lighting, make the backyard look and feel luxuriously modern.

6. Install a Retractable Shade

Modern aluminum pergola paired with a versatile retractable canopy in Toronto.

At the peak of modern amenities and outdoor luxury is the integration of a retractable shade solution. A modern look can be incorporated through the kind of pergola or structure chosen, as well as the type and colour of the canopy fabric selected. A homeowner in Toronto, Canada, decided on an attached retractable shade structure from ShadeFX. The aluminum structure was painted black and paired with a neutral Harbour-Time Driftwood canopy. The two inset posts add an interesting and modern look to the space and ties together the cool furniture.

To achieve a truly modern look in your backyard, less is more. Simply follow these design tips and gather additional inspiration from our projects, and you will be on your way to a trendy outdoor space in no time.

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