Pergolas are no longer restricted to the traditional design of four posts, multiple support beams, and overhanging rafters. For this reason, modern pergolas have exquisitely found their way into backyard landscaping. Whether it’s an extension of a home or a freestanding structure, retractable canopies always add an elegant yet functional charm to modern frameworks.

Looking to break the mold of normality, a tiered open box frame pergola was built over the fire-pit. The single-track system is flange-mounted at the top of the pergola, with a single cross beam floating beneath the shade. As a result, the homeowners can incorporate lighting or fans into the space without inference from the fabric.

The distinctive design calls for a 12’ x 10’ retractable rope canopy, due to the lower beam. The operation for this protective cover specifically ‘retracts to front’ which allows the canopy to retract towards the house with the rope pulley and retaining cleat located at the extended end.

After thoroughly enjoying the retractable shade and its benefits, the homeowners ordered a second canopy to cover their outdoor dining area.

The second structure is a playful take on the first pergola. Using less material, an L-shaped structure was constructed. Again, flange mount was the method to secure the 12’ x 12’ rope driven canopy, removing the need for additional support. With minimal beams, views are unobstructed when the canopy is retracted, exposing the lush towering trees.

Two well-designed pergolas beautify this outdoor living space. Each canopy is customized to complement the architectural style and color of the existing home. Both canopies are manufactured using a water repellent Harbor Time Onyx fabric, completed with black end caps to match.

Modern or traditional, our canopies will complement your pergola. Contact us today.