In the heart of Saratoga, California, a homeowner envisioned a transformative backyard remodel that included a modern, shaded pergola. With their sliding doors opening onto a deck, the perfect spot was available for this new addition. The pergola, measuring around 16’x13′, was designed to accommodate a retractable shade.

ShadeFX took on this project and crafted a motor-operated 12’x16′ retractable canopy using Sunbrella Natural fabric. This neutral shade perfectly complemented the modern aesthetic of the pergola. The canopy was also equipped with five extra wings, minimizing the canopy drop when retracted to maintain the homeowner’s view through the sliding doors.

“It turned out really nice. The setup works really well for us. We leave it covered during the day and often open it up at night so that we can enjoy the California nights with view of the sky and surrounding trees. The extra wings allow the shade to clear both the slider window and the heater perfectly. The light fabric also has the perfect balance of protection and glowing infill sun.”


This retractable shade solution enhances the functionality and aesthetics of the homeowner’s outdoor space. It provides a flexible cover during the day while allowing the enjoyment of beautiful California nights under the open sky.

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