In Arlington, Virginia, a homeowner and architect faced a challenge. They needed a retractable shade for their backyard pergola to maximize the functionality of their outdoor space. Through their research, they found ShadeFX and contacted us for a customized solution.

ShadeFX provided a 16′ x 18′ manual retractable canopy made of durable, UV-protected Sunbrella Spa Solid fabric. The seamless installation transformed the once sun-soaked backyard into a versatile haven. The canopy offered much-needed shade and protection from light rain showers, significantly enhancing the usability of the outdoor area.

One notable plus of the ShadeFX canopy was its compatibility with creative lighting fixtures. The homeowner maximized this by adding string lights underneath the canopy, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for evening gatherings. Notably, the addition of the lights did not hinder the canopy’s functionality. It could be retracted and extended with ease, proving the system’s practicality and flexibility.

The sleek design of the canopy integrated seamlessly with the existing pergola and natural surroundings, adding an aesthetic appeal that elevated the overall look of the backyard.

Facing a similar challenge? Enhance your outdoor living space with ShadeFX’s retractable canopies. Contact us today to explore the best solution for your needs.