Pergolas are a timeless way to define an alfresco space without closing it in. The architectural feature is a versatile addition to any outdoor living area with a plethora of design options available. From a classically styled pergola to a sleek contemporary structure, the openness adds a simple elegance, hard to achieve otherwise.

This freestanding wooden pergola in Dixie, Mississauga creates a focal point in this beautifully landscaped backyard. The simple design complements the wooden perimeter and raised garden bed.

With four posts, beams, and notched rafters, the pergola provides filtered light to the area below. Looking to add rain protection, the homeowners reached out to ShadeFX for a custom retractable solution.

Adding to the nautical color palette, ShadeFX customized an 18’ x 12’ manual retractable canopy in a water-resistant Sunbrella Navy fabric. ShadeFX carried out the installation by mounting the drive beam, attaching the canopy with gravity clips then positioning the stabilizers. The ‘canopy wings’ ride underneath the stabilizers, creating a deflection for rain management.

Before winter in Ontario arrives, the canopy is easily unclipped from the drive beam allowing it to be safely stored away in a dry place.

Now with the addition of a retractable canopy, the homeowners can choose between an open-air living space or an added layer of sun and rain protection.

No matter the style of your pergola, we can customize a canopy to fit. Contact us today.