The heart of every home is the kitchen. Regardless of size, the kitchen is the hub of the house where family and friends gather to socialize, bond and enjoy great food.

When the warm weather hits, homeowners still want to enjoy all of that wonderful kitchen goodness – in the outdoors.  While the indoor kitchen is mostly considered a room, the outdoor kitchen is viewed as an experience, one that the King City residents wanted to maximize.

The backyard space was originally set up with the intention of having an outdoor dining space off of the kitchen. However, the homeowners fell in love with the layout and concept from the ShadeFX homepage.

From inception, the incorporation of a retractable shade solution was a must for the homeowners. They wanted a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor, creating an extension to the home rather than two individual spaces. Most importantly, they wanted a useable area whether it was hot and sunny or pouring rain.

Working with a designer, ShadeFX installed a 22’x12’ manual retractable canopy on the large wooden pergola. Extra wings were added to reduce the canopy drop. When the canopy is retracted, the fabric does not hinder the view from the sliding glass doors. When extended, the canopy provides that cozy feel the homeowners wanted. It stretches taut creating a straight, clean and modern look to the space.

With their versatile retractable shade now installed, the homeowners can now take advantage of their outdoor kitchen and dining space through sun or rain, no matter the time of day.

Protect the heart of your backyard. We can help.