Covered decks are a great way to link the cozy indoors with the revitalizing outdoors.

This pergola is built over an attached deck, giving the impression of a room that extends from the house. The vertical element of the structure helps define the new space and creates a welcoming room to entertain guests outdoors. A copious amount of seating with plush cushions entices the homeowners to relax and breathe in the fresh outdoor air.

To provide coverage for their deck, the homeowners reached out to ShadeFX for a sun and rain solution. To gather accurate measurements and identify potential constraints, ShadeFX and the homeowners arranged a site assessment. It was concluded that an additional eight wings would reduce the canopy drop to 12”, allowing it to nest above the sliding doors when retracted.

ShadeFX manufactured a large 20’ x 14’ retractable canopy in a water-resistant Sunbrella Sapphire fabric. The team traveled back to the site for installation. Opting for ShadeFX’s ‘takedown service’, the Service Team will return to remove the canopy for the winter season and re-install it when spring arrives.

This backyard deck transitions from the indoors to out with the support of a retractable canopy. Adding an attached pergola visually links and encourages flow between the living spaces. Most importantly, it bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor living.

Blend your indoor and outdoor space with a pergola and retractable canopy. Contact us today.