Retractable Shades: Built for Rain Protection

With over 12 years in the industry, ShadeFX is known for providing robust shade solutions to residential and commercial properties across North America. While most customers seek shade to block out the scorching sun during the warmer months, ShadeFX products offer an additional benefit, often overlooked – Rain Protection.

Offering versatile shade that shields against the sun, rain, and wind, was planned from inception. At the core of every shade is ShadeFX’s patented single track technology. It produces a peak at the center of the fabric, forcing rainwater to run off on either side of the system. This method also prevents rainwater from pooling. After the skies are clear, the system can be retracted without the threat of rotting or developing mold, as water will still continue to run off through the folds.


The level of water protection desired, depends on the brand of fabric you choose. ShadeFX’s fabrics are available in water-resistant, water repellent, and waterproof options. From the breathable Sunbrella fabric to the sturdy Serge Ferrari line, there are hundreds of patterns and colors to choose from to fit any style, budget, and overall look.

Sunbrella’s water-resistant fabrics defy water to some degree. The materials are breathable, allowing air and moisture to pass through. However, during periods of continuous water exposure the canvas can become saturated, creating drip points underneath.

ShadeFX’s water repellent line is a coated polyester fabric, less permeable than Sunbrella. It is also paired with a vinyl coating finish which prevents rainwater from easily penetrating the fabric.

For absolute rain protection, waterproof fabrics, like Serge Ferrari, are the way to go. They will not allow moisture or air to pass through, making them impermeable. Of course, this fabric line is not breathable but has the added benefit of being fire-resistant.

No matter the fabric choice, when paired with the patented single-track technology, there will be adequate rain protection for your outdoor space.


The flow of the rainwater can be further managed by installing gutters that channel the water to or from a specified location. This is a great option for those collecting rainwater for gardening and irrigation purposes, or on projects where multiple systems are paired together to cover expansive areas.

ShadeFX also offers curtains. They come in handy when the rain is falling at an angle. They can be easily drawn close and zipped shut, if needed, without having to interrupt your outdoor time. They can be paired to match the fabric of the retractable shade and double as a privacy screen.

More than sun protection, ShadeFX retractable shades shield you and your outdoor space from precipitation while also pulling together a room with your unique style and touch. They make for the ultimate atmosphere in light rain or sun shower.

Want to maximize your outdoor rain protection? We can help.

Retractable Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

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