Why You Should Consider The Elements When Designing Your Outdoor Space

When designing an outdoor space, many of us look on the elements as destructive, determined to destroy our furniture, cancel our dinner parties, and ruin an outdoor living room. The truth is, the sun, the wind, and the rain can actually provide the atmosphere that makes outdoor living so enjoyable, leading to great style choices for a space, and making it more vibrant and enjoyable. Consider the following tips when designing your outdoor space to maximize comfort in any climate.


Designing Your Outdoor Space Sun Protection

The sun is our friend in the winter and much too friendly in the summer. First, consider your region: Do you get excessive sun year round or are you pining for a single ray come January? Consider these issues and then assess how the sun falls on your outdoor space throughout the day and at different times of the year. Introducing a pergola might be a good option for filtering out a bit of aggressive sun in the summer while still letting a bit of ambient light filter in. You can add a retractable pergola canopy to put you in total control of the sun as well. For colder climes, consider using bright and bold colors in your decor to keep your space “sunny” even in the depths of winter.


Water can bring ambience and serenity to an outdoor space in the form of a fountain, but when it’s in the form of rain, can spell disaster. If you live in a rainy clime, instead of looking at rain as a threat to your outdoor space, look at it as a way to introduce yet another style choice to your backyard. Retractable canopies made from attractive and stylish fabrics can protect your outdoor space from precipitation while also pulling together a room with a unique style touch. The latest in pergola canopies cover large areas protecting from sun and rain, while fitting to the pergola of your choice. They make for the ultimate cozy atmosphere in a light rain or sun-shower. Find a pinstripe canopy to create a fresh and preppy look or a subtle shade of blue to play off the blue accents in your settee cushions.

Designing Your Outdoor Space Rain Management

Whether you choose a retractable canopy or a fixed roof when designing your outdoor space, make sure to strategically consider drip lines and water runoff. Adding garden beds or planters in the area directly in contact with rain runoff will lower your gardening water costs.


Designing Your Outdoor Space Curtains

Windy regions of the country can make sitting outside more stressful than sitting in traffic. Fortunately, there are a few easy tips for managing a strong breeze that can introduce a great look to your outdoor space. A durable set of curtains well anchored on the sides and bottom make a very effective wind break. Introducing a hedgerow can act as a natural break to the wind while adding a touch of green to your outdoor area.

Designing Your Outdoor Space Sunken Room

If you are still in the early stages of planning your outdoor area, consider creating a “sunken living room” feel to your outdoor living room. By setting an outdoor area lower in the ground and using a few steps to descend into an intimate setting, you can block out that pesky breeze and stay sheltered even on the windiest days.

Don’t shun the elements. Turn to them for guidance when designing your outdoor space. Do you have any creative style tips in response to the sun, wind, or rain? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Alex Juwett
Godden Sudik Architects