Hermannhof: A Taste of German Culture

Tucked away in the Missouri River Valley, about an hour west of St. Louis, is a jewel of a town called Hermann. In 1837, a group of German immigrants settled there infusing the area with a rich European culture that has stood the test of time. Today, much of this small city’s downtown is lined with homes preserved from traditional German style.

Hermann is filled with several wineries and a large number of historic red brick buildings occupied by antique stores, restaurants, shops, spas, galleries, and museums. Designated by National Geographic as one of America’s Best Adventure Towns, Hermann boasts of beautiful views, breathtaking sceneries and a rich culture that will invite visitors back over and over again.

The town’s vineyards, in particular, are known for their award-winning wines and has become a destination for those looking to explore one of America’s earliest established wine regions. With the addition of craft breweries and distilleries, the town has expanded its wine knowledge to include other areas of beverage production.

As the wine and the old-world culture entice visitors annually, local businesses make it their mission to offer them a holistic experience. Cue Hermannof. Tourists can stay at the boutique Inn at Hermannhof, tour the Hermann Farm Museum, eat at the Tin Mill Steakhouse, and sample the Hermannhof wines, the Tin Mill Brewing craft beers, and the Black Shire Distillery spirits.

Black Shire Distillery’s Renovated Pavilion

Each property at Hermannhof was designed and renovated to preserve the look and feel of the historically significant buildings and structures. The team relied on and worked with Paradigm Architects over the years to complete all of the integral designs. These included the Tin Mill Brewery, Hofgarten, the distilleries, and tasting rooms as well as extensive planning and architecture for the Hermann Farm Museum.

Based in St. Louis, Paradigm Architects offer complete architectural planning, programming, design, detailing and documentation. Their philosophy is to create or transform environments, spaces, and places that enrich people’s daily lives.

Their latest project on the property was Hermannhof’s Black Shire Distillery. Named in honor of the Black Shire horses raised at the Hermann Farm, the distillery produces vodka, gin, whiskey, and eau-de-vie vin. Tours of the distillery are available to visitors, and tastings are offered in the brand-new tasting rooms.

Next to the distillery is a new pavilion designed to host large festivities and gatherings. The venue can be paired with the distillery and brewing mill on-site to offer a full scope hosting service.

Adding to the pavilion’s uniqueness is its versatile covering. While the other event locations on the property are either outside in the open or under a fixed roof, this pavilion has both options. Six ShadeFX retractable canopies give the flexibility of having a full, partial or open covering for any event held there. Paradigm Architects worked with ShadeFX Product Specialist, Dan Cannon, to get this feature up and running.

“System looks just like I expected – everything looks super.

A very important part of this process was Dan Cannon’s excellent consulting and salesmanship. I’ve told several people that I’ve never gotten better assistance from any product rep than what he provided!”

– Timothy E. Barker, Architect, Paradigm Architects

Hermannhof now offers more than 14 unique locations on property for weddings, corporate retreats or other special celebrations. Want to attend events with the locals? No problem. The team has a packed calendar of events and activities throughout the year, including history tours, wine trails and the annual Wurst Fest, Oktoberfest and Whiskey Fest.

Though little, the town of Hermann, Missouri, is packed with endless things to see and do. Hermannhof alone serves up a big plate of everything Hermann has to offer, creating memorable experiences for guests for years to come.

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