Rooftop Retreats: 8 Innovative Shade Projects to Inspire Your Top Floor

Homeowners are often surprised at just how many possibilities there are for creating an outdoor oasis on their rooftop. While a backyard may be more spacious, a rooftop can offer unique benefits like incredible views and abundant natural light. These eight projects show that any perceived limitations can be turned into an asset with a bit of creativity and the right accessories. Our retractable shade solutions can help make your dream of having a rooftop retreat a reality!

Retractable Shades, New York

Landscape designers, Terraform, provide high-quality fabrication services and unique designs for landscape and garden projects in the NYC and Hudson Valley areas, creating relaxing retreats for clients.

ShadeFX collaborated with the firm and added two motorized retractable shades to their custom-made pergola. The new shade structure serves as the focal point in the space, adding style, versatility, and function to the already impressive design.

Outdoor Structure, Washington DC

Located in Washington D.C, this private residence with a rooftop terrace features a ShadeFX custom outdoor structure and bold blue retractable canopy to protect against the elements. Collaborating with Oldetown Landscape Architects, ShadeFX created an elegant solution that fits perfectly with the surrounding landscape, great for entertaining, relaxing and privacy.

Retractable Shade Structure, Pittsburgh

Owners of a townhouse in Pittsburgh desired sun and rain protection for their rooftop terrace. ShadeFX customized two commercial-grade aluminum structures with motorized retractable canopies in a bold Velvet Red fabric. Covering over 370 sq. ft., the shade structure is integrated seamlessly into the sides of the terrace, allowing for easy extension and retraction at the push of a button.

Rooftop Patio Canopies

Set atop a private residential building in downtown Toronto, this penthouse patio has spectacular views of the city skyline. To transform the space, owners brought in nationally-renowned NAK Design Strategies. They created an urban jungle design, featuring green shrubs, river rocks, and concrete pavers, as well as rustic steel planters and accessories. To make the space cozy, a 13ft galvanized post and beam structure was installed, including heaters and lights. ShadeFX manufactured three motorized retractable canopies in a Sunbrella beige fabric for sun and rain protection for the dining area.

Rooftop Patio Covers, Chicago

Chicago is an urban paradise, with iconic sights such as Wrigley Field and Millennium Park. Nicknamed the Windy City, thanks to its cold lake effect-driven winter winds, locals celebrate each moment of good weather – especially on this 47th-floor rooftop terrace. Our client required a flexible solution to soak up the sun, protect from the rain, and be resilient to strong winds. ShadeFX installed three manual canopies onto an existing pergola. Two 12×10 canopies and one 10×8 canopy were specified with extra wings to reduce fabric flapping.

Motorized Rooftop Canopy

When developers began transforming a Victorian-era church into a state-of-the-art, luxury townhouse in downtown Toronto, they did not forget the outdoor space. The 6,000 sq. ft. urban oasis is now one of the most unique properties on the market, and its 1500 sq. ft. rooftop terrace has been equipped with a single motorized retractable canopy. The shade covers about 160 sq. ft. and is made of Charcoal Grey Sunbrella fabric for a touch of style and protection from the elements.

Retractable Canopy, Cincinnati

Outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular as people opt to stay at home more often and desire practical yet cozy spaces. ShadeFX’s outdoor aluminum structure is a great way to add a modern touch to exterior living spaces, like this beautiful red brick three-story home in Cincinnati, Ohio. The manual retractable canopy offers protection from the sun, while string lights and outdoor furniture create an enchanting space for rest and relaxation.

Retractable Roof, Washington DC

Washington DC’s temperate maritime climate can make outdoor living a challenge. However, ShadeFX has the perfect solution – our turnkey outdoor structures! ShadedFX custom-designed and installed an attached structure for customers in Washington DC. To complete this 4th-floor patio, a retractable roof was mounted to the top of the structure, and rain gutters were added to manage the flow of rainwater. The homeowners also chose a fully-automated package, including a Somfy Wind Sensor, MyLink, and Dry Interface, ensuring no uncertainty when the weather begins to change.

From imaginative designs to perfect sun protection, ShadeFX has the perfect solution for any rooftop oasis. With years of experience and a customizable product to fit anyone’s needs, it’s never been easier to turn your rooftop into the outdoor paradise you’ve always dreamed of.

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