Close to the Dip – Poolside Shade

Many homeowners have been looking to their backyards to create fun and comfortable outdoor experiences when at home. One of the more popular ways to do this is by installing a swimming pool. Pools are a great place to relax, cool off, or play a game of ‘Marco Polo’ with family and friends.

When the sun’s rays become overbearing, it’s time to seek refuge at a shaded lounge area nearby. Here are 8 impressive backyards with poolside shade so close you could touch the water.

Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Milton

Three Freestanding Retractable Canopies next to the pool in Milton, Ontario.

Homeowners in Milton, Ontario needed a poolside solution comparable to that of the traditional umbrella. Living in a windy location, they needed a stable product that would provide enough protection from the sun. After in-depth research, they found the perfect shade to suit their decor style and lifestyle. Three Freestanding Canopy systems complete their outdoor oasis while giving them the flexibility they desire.

Retractable Shade, Dallas

This beautiful backyard in Dallas, Texas, went for a contemporary poolside shade solution.

Utilizing the expertise of landscape architects, Garden Design Studio, a backyard in Texas was transformed into an exquisite oasis. The homeowners desired shaded seating near their new luxurious pool and a manual retractable shade was specified for their custom pergola. So close, they could sit on the edge and dip their feet in, without having to leave the shaded respite.

Retractable Shade, Mattituck

This outdoor area was transformed into a relaxing oasis.

A ranch-style house in Mattituck, New York had additions and a complete remodel in the backyard. The expansive landscape incorporates a large pool, a raised deck, and a custom modern pergola for poolside shade. Adorning the wood structure is an 18′ x 8′ retractable canopy. The rope-operated shade provides the homeowners with sun and rain protection when needed.

Retractable Shade, Kleinburg

A complete weather solution was designed poolside for homeowners in Ontario.

With a complete living area next to their pool, these homeowners wanted the space shaded. Three retractable canopies were specified to protect the outdoor living space from sun and rain. The curved cut out into the space will also benefit from the shade at certain times of the day. Makes for a quick step into the pool after lounging on the plush sofas.

Retractable Canopy, New Canaan

This outdoor space is set up for romantic nights by the pool.

A large pool area with a built-in jacuzzi was designed for homeowners in New Canaan, Connecticut. The main highlight of the yard is the traditional pergola and retractable shade at the end of the pool. Bringing function and style to the space, it’s the perfect place to transition between dips and when the sun goes down.

Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Lake Simcoe

The freestanding retractable canopy is used here to protect the homeowners’ large sectional and those lounging in it.

Homeowners in Brechin, Ontario, have beautiful sightlines of Lake Simcoe and wanted to optimize their outdoor living to take advantage of the views. They opted for the durable Freestanding Retractable Canopy to provide shade, without hampering the view. The structure was erected at the end of the pool over a large rattan sofa and concrete firepit.

Retractable Shade, Brampton

Reliable weather protection is a must in any backyard renovation.

Who says you have to be traditional when choosing your poolside shade? Homeowners in Brampton opted for a bright Serge Ferrari Carrot fabric for their retractable shade system. Mounted to their custom, hand-crafted pergola, the complete area can be used whether it’s a hot or stormy day. In addition, the fireproof fabric makes the space a perfect area for romantic nights by the fire.

Freestanding Retractable Canopy, Hamilton

ShadeFX’s Freestanding Retractable Canopy is a popular choice for poolside shade.

These homeowners had issues finding reliable shade to cover their lounge area by the pool. The wind and sun made relaxing poolside an uncomfortable one until they invested in a freestanding canopy system. The unique two-post structure not only protects the family from the sun but is guaranteed not to topple over on those windy days.

Whether you install it near the pool or over the pool, having shade in your outdoor area is important. If you need help deciding what weather solution is right for you, fill out our Contact Us form and someone will be in touch. We’re here to help.