The most appealing and inviting backyards are usually the work of several establishments coming together. Royal Stone Group is a family of companies dedicated to building beautiful outdoor spaces in the greater Toronto area and beyond.

The Royal Stone Group combines the success of AquaSpa Pools, Kreative Woodworking and Royal Stone Landscaping. Together, they design and build award-winning landscapes. Most importantly, they ensure projects stay on schedule and exceed their client’s expectations.

This backyard renovation in Brampton, Ontario enlisted professional help from Royal Stone Group. AquaSpa Pools provided a captivating pool and spa for entertaining guests. Surrounding the pristine pool is landscape and serene amenities showing the extent of what outdoor living means to these homeowners.

With multiple pockets of interest, Kreative Woodworking designed a decorative focal point over a custom built-in stone fire pit. An inviting pergola is erected over the area, further defining the outdoor lounge space.

Whether it’s a hot and humid day or stormy thunder clouds threaten, weather is unpredictable in Southern Ontario. Providing overhead protection for either scenario, ShadeFX customized a 16’ x 10’ retractable shade. Thoughtfully choosing a rope operated system, the canopy easily extends and retracts over the firepit without the fear of 1st-degree burns.

Further highlighting the space, the retractable shade is a bright Serge Ferrari Carrot fabric. The waterproof and fire-retardant fabric makes it a perfect material to hover above a nighttime fire or to sit under a morning rainfall.

“Love how the retractable canopy complemented our hand-crafted pergola. The orange shade adds a pop of colour and a touch of playfulness to the space.”

– Evan Matthews, Project Manager, Royal Stone Group

The collaborative effort of Royal Stone Group alongside ShadeFX for a flexible shelter option achieved the common goal for this backyard revamp. They enhanced and improved the backyard by creating an outdoor lifestyle well-matched for the homeowners.

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