10 Waterfront Homes with Stunning Shaded Views

Waterfront views are one of the most sought-after features in homes these days, and they’re a significant selling point if you decide to sell in the future. Adding shade can be as simple as adding trees or shrubs, or you can create a functional and engaging space, like the projects below. These ten waterfront projects with stunning shaded views will help you find design inspiration for your property!

1. Dining with Lake Champlain

retractable canopy and pergola
Stunning Lake Champlain views from a beach house in Vermont.

A waterfront home in Vermont has spectacular views of Lake Champlain. The homeowners wanted to take full advantage of their iconic views and enlisted the help of local contractors. The property was redesigned from the inside out, and a large deck was built at the back. A manual retractable shade was built to fit the custom pergola, creating a new covered outdoor dining area.

2. Outdoor Living Upgraded in New Jersey

retractable roof
Homeowners in New Jersey chose our ‘mount above’ retractable roof solution.

A craftsman-style home in New Jersey has a large open patio complete with an inground pool, massive outdoor kitchen, and a covered outdoor living room. The space is protected by a beautifully decorated pergola and a custom retractable roof. After a full day of boating, the homeowners can return to their waterfront home in Bay Head Harbor and unwind in their protected living space next to a cozy fire.

3. Functional Design for Prince Edward Cottage

A motorized retractable shade was added for a striking but functional feature.

HGTV’s Scott’s Vacation House transformed an old family vacation home into a unique lakefront rental property. Real estate investor and renovator Scott McGillivray added a large dining and barbeque area and an outdoor lounge to the West Lake cottage. A large pergola with two motorized retractable canopies covers the area, providing ample weather coverage without blocking the natural light.

4. Second-Floor Sightlines in Cornwall

red retractable canopy over outdoor living area
The homeowners have beautiful sightlines of the West River from their second-floor balcony.

Built from the ground up, homeowners in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, incorporated a deck off the new house’s second-floor balcony. It gives them perfect sightlines of the West River, PEI’s waterways, and rolling hills. The cozy space features a small kitchen, large lounge furniture, a fire pit table and a fireplace. A large manual retractable shade was specified to cover the unique area, protecting family and friends from sun, rain and high winds.

5. Close to Lake Simcoe

wooden pergola with two retractable canopies
Homeowners can now relax under their pergola with no worry about the weather.

What better way to spend time outdoors than by relaxing right next to the water? A property on Lake Simcoe has been transformed into a sleek modern lakefront home. With a large backyard directly on the lake, a large shade structure was built to maximize outdoor living. In addition, ShadeFX customized two manual canopies for the lakefront pergola, protecting the homeowners and their furniture from the afternoon sun.

6. On the Lake Views in Picton

retractable canopy in Picton
Beautiful sunset views from a shaded deck in Picton.

Homeowners in Picton wanted to make the most of their lakeside views. The DIYers erected a Toja Grid Kit on their deck that sits over the water. A manual canopy in a neutral Sunbrella Smoke fabric was manufactured for the space and installed by the homeowners for versatile weather protection

7. Convenient Shade in West Islip

two retractable canopies on a ornate pergola
Homeowners create an inviting space in West Islip.

Homeowners in West Islip, New York, know how to take advantage of their water views. An ornate pergola extends off the back of the house, with two retractable canopies mounted below. Mainly used for sun protection, the family can utilize the space any time of the day. At the push of a button, the homeowners can retract, extend or stop the canopies at any point along the track, positioning them right where they want them.

8. Shaded Dining in Cape Cod

attached wooden pergola and retractable canopy over an outdoor dining area
Water lovers in Cape Cod designed the backyard of their dreams.

Just because you have a waterfront home doesn’t mean it negates the need for a pool. Cape Cod Homeowners hired professionals to ensure they got the backyard of their dreams. The renovations included a hot tub, patio, large pool, and a covered dining area with a rope-operated canopy.

9. Calming Views in Wasaga Beach

a blue retractable canopy on a pergola in Wasaga Beach
Homeowners in Wasaga Beach have the perfect solution to block the harsh afternoon sun.

Wasaga Beach experiences many weather conditions, which prompted these homeowners to search for versatile coverage for their riverside patio. ShadeFX customized a manual retractable canopy in a light Sunbrella Sea fabric for their custom pergola. The entire space now has a tropical garden feel with calming views of the river.

10. Shaded Boathouse in Thousand Island

white retractable shade canopy on a boathouse
A boathouse in the heart of Thousand Islands has a low-maintenance shade solution.

Homeowners in Alexandria Bay, New York, built a boathouse for double duty: boat storage and personal entertainment. On top of the boathouse, a modern white pergola with a retractable canopy was added to the rooftop deck. The space features a comfortable lounge area around a large fire pit table.

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