On the eastern side of Prince Edward County is a bustling city center named Picton. A town of 4,000 and once a thriving port for timber, grain and rumrunning, Picton has become a place to escape. Its lake-on-the-mountain’s panoramic and breathtaking views make it the perfect location for water lovers to relax and unwind.

Wanting to make full use of their lakeside views, these DIY homeowners erected a Toja Grid Kit over their deck on the water. Knowing that they wanted the outdoor space to be a comfortable one in the rain or sun, they reached out to ShadeFX for a retractable shade solution.

A 10′ x 14′ manual canopy in a neutral Sunbrella Smoke, was specified to fit the structure. With the Toja Grid being a box outline, the homeowners made a few adjustments to accommodate the canopy system.

First, a center cross-beam was added to the top to support the canopy track, making the structure more secure. Second, side beams were installed so that the angle stabilizers would sit at the right deflection rate. This would ensure the system functioned correctly as the canopy is guided along the track.

“We enjoyed our ShadeFX Canopy for the short time that we had it before storing it for winter.

It took my son, daughter in law and I about an hour to install, so easy to do. Instructions were clear and made the installation go well. It operates smoothly because of the single track. The rod to close and open does the job, and it folds up easily and withstands windy weather. It also came down easily for winter storage, but it is made easier with two people. Anxious to start using it again next summer”.

– David Fox, Ontario

When retracted, the reduced canopy drop gives the homeowners enough headroom when they want to step down onto the deck. The new retractable shade is ideal for respite from the afternoon sun by the water.

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