When tackling a backyard renovation, it’s important to determine the intended use of the space. Some homeowners focus on creating a relaxing oasis, while others prefer a space to hang out with family and friends. No matter the size, most are designing their backyards to have multiple uses and functions.

This backyard in Guelph, Ontario underwent a substantial renovation to make the most out of the outdoor space. The homeowners utilized the square footage to cater to their specific needs including areas for gardening, grilling, dining and lounging.

Their raised deck is completed with a wooden privacy fence and a banister that leads into a cozy lounge area. The end of the railing seamlessly transitions into a pergola structure joined together by a Toja Grid Kit. The kit’s black connectors add a modern touch while matching with the black planters, iron grills and outdoor dining set.

Finishing off the space is a versatile retractable shade to provide much-needed protection from sun and rain. Working closely with the homeowners, ShadeFX manufactured a 10’ x 12’ manual canopy in HarborTime Navy fabric to cover the living area.

“Very happy with how this turned out. Just finished a huge backyard reno including a full wood deck, stone patio, and pergola structure using Toja grid kits. Dan Cannon at ShadeFX helped us with the canopy design and it is definitely the highlight feature! We now have a shade-optional area which is also protected from rain.

“We were able to leave all our expensive power tools we had set-up overnight under the canopy; came out the next day they were bone-dry after a night of heavy rain, ready to be used. Also want to mention the ease of installation – my brother and I had this thing installed in one hour on the same day we got it, no prior experience with them at all. Again, very happy with my purchase and will recommend ShadeFX to anyone who asks about it!”

– Justin & Katie G, Homeowners

The homeowners created a space to socialize with friends or have some alone time after a long day. Now, by incorporating a retractable shade, they can fully enjoy the space uninhibited from sun or rain.

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