Outdoor living spaces have progressed from the days of a plastic garden table set on a small concrete patio. With a little bit of planning, homeowners can enhance their outdoor space and incorporate their personal style with luxurious comforts.

A backyard in Milton is designed with a wooden deck built off the back of the house with an open area for lounging. Comfortable outdoor furniture paired with an outdoor rug and cozy firepit forms a relaxing atmosphere.

Further defining the space, the homeowners added a black frame with a 6’x6’ profile using a Toja Grid Kit. Located in a subdivision with little to no mature trees, the outdoor area lacked natural shade elements. To create a space to unwind, rain or shine, the homeowners contacted ShadeFX to complete their open-air space.

ShadeFX customized a 12’x14’ manual retractable shade in a water repellent Harbor Time Cardinal Red fabric. The patented system is custom mounted to the frame and uses angle stabilizers, creating a ‘deflection’, or bending of the wings. The result is rainwater being deflected from the center of the canopy to both sides.

“I wasn’t sure how the ShadeFX Canopy system would perform when I first heard about it. I am happy to say it has far exceeded every expectation I had! The canopy has transformed my once unused deck into a functional space for my family and for entertaining. In addition to shade, it provides excellent rain protection! Sitting on the deck during a storm with the canopy extended and the fire table going is one of my favorite things to do now. I could not be more thrilled with my purchase!”

– Kristy DesRoche, Homeowner

Whether a bright and sunny day, or dark and stormy night, the homeowners can truly enjoy their outdoor space with the versatility of their retractable shade.

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